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Class A IP address

(also Class A IP)

Class A IP address definition

Class A IP address is an IP address used for more extensive networks that have a significant number of hosts. Utilizing the first octet as the network ID makes it possible for Class A to support 126 networks. This octet's initial bit is always set to zero. The network ID is determined using the remaining 7 bits of the address. The host in any given network can be identified by using the first 24 bits of the host ID. The remaining three octets form the host's ID and enable nearly 17 million hosts to be connected to a single network. The values of Class A network numbers start at 1 and end at 127.

Additional features:

  • The public IP range is to
  • The network ID is 8 bits long.
  • The host ID is 24 bits long.
  • The first octet value ranges from 1 to 127.
  • The private IP range is to
  • The subnet mask is (8 bits).
  • The number of hosts per network is 16,777,214.
  • The number of networks is 126.