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(also carrier-grade NAT, CGN, large-scale NAT)

CGNAT definition

CGNAT is a network address translation (NAT) used by internet service providers to allow multiple users to share a single IP address. By allowing users to share one IP address, carrier-grade NAT conserves IP addresses that the ISP needs to assign to its customers.

Benefits of CGNAT

  • It provides scalability by reducing the number of IP addresses that the ISP needs to assign and manage.
  • CGNAT helps mitigate the IPv4 address exhaustion problem. The pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses is depleting because of the internet’s dramatic growth over the years.
  • It helps optimize network scalability for IPv6, IoT (Internet of Things), and 5G.

Drawbacks of CGNAT

  • CGNAT can make it difficult for users to get help from ISPs if they experience problems with internet connection because it is difficult for the ISP to tell which customer is having problems.
  • Users may experience difficulty accessing specific websites and applications or slow performance. They may be unable to use particular features on some websites.
  • CGNAT isn’t very good for gamers because it may cause lag and jitter.

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