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Bluetooth definition

Bluetooth is a low-power wireless technology that uses ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio waves for secure data exchange over short distances. Due to its energy efficiency, Bluetooth is a popular choice for connecting portable wireless devices like headphones, computer mice, and keyboards. Bluetooth connections have a range of up to 10 meters in the open.

Changing frequencies for security

A Bluetooth connection does not operate on a single frequency — rather, devices jump between frequencies hundreds of times per second, protecting them from hacking attempts through Bluetooth itself. This process is called “frequency hopping spread spectrum.”

Real uses of Bluetooth technology

  • Connecting peripherals to smartphones: By design, smartphones lack USB and other popular ports for peripherals, making Bluetooth a popular choice for connecting headphones, computer mice, keyboards, and other devices.
  • Hands-free phones for drivers: Bluetooth can connect smartphones to an automobile’s stereo for hands-free calling while driving. It is more convenient than a wired connection, because the phone connects automatically as soon as the car starts and the driver’s actions at the wheel are not impeded by hanging wires.
  • Bluetooth triggers: Bluetooth can be used to operate devices at a distance, like taking a picture with a remote camera or opening a smart door.