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Bluesnarfing definition

Bluesnarfing is a hacking technique that exploits Bluetooth connections to snatch data from a wireless device. Bluesnarfing is one of the most easily implementable types of hacking. It can happen without the user’s knowledge, and cybercriminals can steal emails, text messages, or contact lists and even make phone calls. An attacker must be within at least 10 meters of their target, the Bluetooth function has to be on, and the device must be discoverable for the attack to succeed. However, in some cases, they can initiate a bluesnarfing attack from a greater distance. There are plenty of ready-to-use bluesnarfing tools available online, which makes it even easier for hackers to perform this attack.

How to prevent bluesnarfing

  • Turn Bluetooth off when you’re not using it.
  • If you must have Bluetooth on, make your device undiscoverable — but keep in mind that it will still be vulnerable to other kinds of Bluetooth attacks.
  • Don’t accept random connection requests — it may be someone trying to connect by mistake, but it also might be a cybercriminal waiting for a chance to attack you.
  • Set up a PIN code to make it more difficult to connect to your device.
  • Install updates as soon as they are available — they often contain patches for security loopholes and bugs.

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