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Bak file

Bak file

(also .bak file)

Bak file definition

A file saved with the .bak extension created for the purpose of backing up other data. Many programs make use of this file format for exactly the same reason — to keep a backup copy of already existing files. The majority of backup storage bak files are generated mechanically by software. A backup program could be archiving one or more files, or it could be a web browser saving bookmarks. A user may also manually create a bak file within a program.

Bak file benefits

  • Creating a copy of an original file. If the original is lost, corrupted, or changed, this copy can be used instead.
  • Saving files and data. If a software update fails, you can restore files and data from backups.
  • Security. Data protection requires a secure backup and recovery solution, especially as IT systems grow and integrate with one another.
  • Reduced workload. Remote data backup automates the process, so you never have to bother about backing up with a CD or USB device.
  • Anti-virus protection. When protecting your data from malicious software (viruses) downloaded from the internet, it is crucial to make regular backups.

Bak file limitations

  • Due to hard drive space constraints, backup files can cause issues, especially if applications create .bak files automatically, without also deleting them consistently.
  • Bak files are general, making it hard to tell what data they contain or how to open them.

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