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AI as a service

AI as a service

(also AIaaS)

AI as a service (AIaaS) definition

AI as a service (AIaaS) is a third-party solution offering companies artificial intelligence tools on a subscription basis. AI as a service is a great option for businesses looking to experiment with AI without having to spend time and money to set it up within the company.

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How does AI as a service work?

  1. Companies sign up for a subscription with an AI service provider (e.g., Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure), often through an online platform.
  2. Once they’re all set up, people within the company can use the provider’s AI tools, algorithms, and resources.
  3. To customize the tools to their needs, businesses may provide their own data to the AI service platform. The data is then used to train AI models and algorithms to perform specific tasks (e.g., customer support chatbots).
  4. Once customized, the AI tools can be integrated into the company’s systems and applications.
  5. AI service providers offer support so the companies can easily get help if they need it. The provider also regularly updates the AI tools and resources to keep up with the changing technology.

Benefits of AI as a service

  • Quick and easy to set up. AI as a service is typically quick and easy to introduce in an organization, meaning businesses can start using it without a delay.
  • Almost no coding skills needed. Another great thing about AIaaS is that companies don’t need specialists with coding knowledge (e.g., AI developers or programmers).
  • Cost-effective. Businesses can try out AI without making a large upfront investment.
  • Scalability. AIaaS is an excellent option for businesses looking to scale. With AI able to complete various tasks with minimal or no human intervention, teams have more time for other tasks.

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