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(also Automatic Funds Transfer Services)

AFTS definition

AFTS (or Automatic Funds Transfer Services) is a payment processing platform specializing in secure money transfers and address verification. Many government agencies across the U.S. rely on this payment processor for billing and verifying customers.

Because AFTS handles confidential data (like home addresses and credit card information), the repercussions of a cyber attack could be serious and widespread. In early 2021, AFTS became a victim of a ransomware attack.

Details of the AFTS breach

  • In 2021, a cybercriminal organization called Cuba attacked AFTS and infected the platform’s systems with malware. The hackers accessed huge amounts of AFTS user data and caused severe disruption, taking down the AFTS website. They demanded a ransom for the stolen information. According to the leak website, the gang claimed to have stolen “financial documents, correspondence with bank employees, account movements, balance sheets, and tax documents.
  • The California DMV was one of the agencies severely affected by the AFTS breach. The Cuba organization gained access to 20 months’ vehicle registration information in California. This data allowed them to match license plate and vehicle identification numbers with home addresses and names.

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