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Reporting cybercrime

Scams, fraud, cyberstalking — thousands of cybercrime cases are reported every day. If you believe you have become a victim, contact the authorities immediately.

report cybercrime and avoid becoming a victim

Where to report cybercrime

Cybercrimes, like all crimes, should be reported to the police or the institution responsible for cybercrime in your country by phone, email, or an online form. Use the links below for online access to cybercrime units in major population centers around the world.


Some countries’ law enforcement pages may not be accessible from your region.

Other ways to report cybercrime

Anonymous reports

Cybercrimes can be embarrassing or dangerous to reveal in public. Check the website of your country’s police force to see if you can submit an anonymous report online or by phone.

National agencies

Search online if your country has a dedicated agency to deal with cybercrimes. For example, you can report cybercrime to the Internet Complaint Center in the US or Action Fraud in the UK.

International organizations

Organizations like INTERPOL and Europol do not investigate cybercrimes. However, they can provide useful information and direct you to the agency responsible for cybercrime in your area.

What is considered a cybercrime?

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Cybercrime is any crime involving the use of information technologies (IT). This broad category covers both digital-only crimes (like hacking servers to steal data) and traditional crimes with an IT element (like stalking someone over social media).

Not all online threats are cybercrimes, however, a cybercrime is, first and foremost, a crime under the law, so general online nuisances (like flashy ads or accidental data destruction) do not fall under this category. Because criminal laws vary from country to country, the same activity could be considered a cybercrime in one region while being legal in another.

How can NordVPN protect me from cybercrime?

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Cybersecurity products like virtual private networks (VPN) let you explore the internet with improved privacy and security. NordVPN hides your virtual location and encrypts your online traffic, making it much harder to target your device and intercept sensitive information.

However, NordVPN is more than just a VPN — it’s a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools. Threat Protection Pro scans files you download for malware, blocks dangerous links, and stops ads. Dark Web Monitor warns you in advance if criminals get their hands on your credentials. And NordVPN’s specialty servers help you tailor your online security to your needs.

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