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I got doxed by a stranger

Alex’s advice to others

Don’t reuse the same password on everything. Always change your password every so often, and use two-factor authentication. And make sure your social media privacy settings are all being used.



Age 18, UK, student

The story

It was fairly recently that I got doxed. I work as a manager on a medium-size gaming community, and a player who repeatedly broke our community rules got permanently banned and decided she was going to take revenge by stalking and harassing myself and the moderators I was responsible for.

She’s been continually using alternate accounts and convincing others to contact us on her behalf and beg that we let her back in, and then proceed to insult us when we refused to. This continued for about a year. She also found some of our social media & gaming profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Steam, and found out some of our real-life names. The end result was that random people on the internet I had never talked to before knew my real-life name rather than just an anonymous username that keeps my internet life and real-life separate, and that was pretty unnerving. It also made me very anxious about if she had found more than just my name, as some private details about myself could pose a life-threatening risk if they were shared due to the extremely religiously conservative neighborhood I live in.

Luckily I lost no money or anything, but it’s quite anxiety-provoking to have someone stalk you for such a long time and end up finding out information like your full name and sharing that for random people to see. I had no idea what to do as I couldn’t control her any further at that point, so I was just praying that she didn’t share anything more.

On a separate note, I’ve also been a victim of data breaches that involved my email and passwords being leaked on several occasions. Until recently, I didn’t know this, but I checked the website, and I found that the passwords that I was still using were breached, so that prompted me to change them.

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Vasileios K. · Age 43 · USA · business owner

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