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NordVPN users: Prepare for even more bandwidth

VPN providers like to boast about how many servers they have (we’re guilty too – it’s 6424). Having more servers has its advantages, but that doesn’t always guarantee speed. That’s why NordVPN is increasing its focus on building up server quality rather than quantity. Here’s how that will make your experience better:

NordVPN users: Prepare for even more bandwidth

Why do VPN providers want more servers?

Most VPN providers have thousands of servers around the world and keep acquiring more. But why is there such a race to get more servers? In some cases, more servers equals faster browsing. However, there are many other variables that might improve or hinder your connection. Here are the benefits of having more servers:

  • You have a broader choice of servers to connect to. The more people that connect to a server, the slower it becomes. Having many servers means that you’re more likely to be able to find one at the optimal load level. (NordVPN automatically selects the fastest available server, or you can choose the one you prefer manually.)
  • With most VPN providers, more servers means more locations or countries. This means that even more customers can find servers close to home. Generally, the closer you are to the VPN server, the better your connection speeds.
  • People who are travelling or living abroad can connect to their ‘home’ servers and access the same websites they do at home.

What’s better, quality or quantity?

Having a lot of servers is great, but it doesn’t always guarantee faster connections and browsing. We’ve always worked to improve both the quantity and quality of our servers, but NordVPN is redoubling its work to replace some of its servers with more powerful ones. Why?

  • Given how many servers we have, it has become more cost-effective to have fewer servers but higher bandwidth. That lets us keep our service both secure and highly affordable.
  • In more popular locations, more bandwidth means better connection and browsing speeds. This is why popular locations will be receiving the most upgrades. Our more-powerful servers are less likely to be overloaded and can serve more people with better speeds.

This approach has been paying off. Over the last 9 months, the number of users on our network has grown rapidly, and we continue to exceed user bandwidth demand thanks to our upgrades. Not only are we securing more users, we’re providing them with higher connection speeds as well.

What does this mean for NordVPN users?

The biggest impact will be gradually increasing service quality and connection speeds. The best part is that you probably won’t even notice any service disruptions – our system administrators are working hard to keep it that way. These upgrades won’t reduce the number of countries we offer (it’s 111) – they’ll simply make our existing service even better.

To test the changes for yourself, get NordVPN with our risk-free 30-day guarantee!