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You can now buy NordVPN subscription box and get it delivered to your door

Feb 06, 2018 · 2 min read

You can now buy NordVPN subscription box and get it delivered to your door

NordVPN’s mission from the very beginning has been to make top-notch cybersecurity solutions accessible for all Internet users – regardless of how tech-savvy they are, where in the world they live, what they do on the Internet, or what devices they use.

That’s why we are extremely excited about our new milestone – presence on Amazon, Frys and Microcenter, thanks to which our existing and future users will have an alternative option to purchase the NordVPN service.

In other words, you can now buy the NordVPN subscription box and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

So what’s in the box?

After you order NordVPN’s subscription from one of the above mentioned stores, you will receive a nice package with a key card and a VPN user guide inside. From there, it takes just a few easy steps to start protecting your online activities with NordVPN.

Step 1. Create and activate your account. To do this, visit NordVPN’s website and enter the unique activation code provided on the card.

Step 2. Download the NordVPN app. Whatever OS you use – Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS – we have easy-to-use apps for them all. Each of the applications includes all the necessary configurations, so the setup is super fast and easy.

Step 3. Start using NordVPN. That’s it – you are now ready to secure your online traffic. Simply open the app and press “Quick Connect.” The special algorithm will automatically connect you to the most suitable server. You can also navigate the map or browse the server list to choose the best server for your needs.

Order the NordVPN security box

NordVPN on Amazon

The main purpose behind this software-in-a-box idea is to make NordVPN even easier to buy and use. So if you are one of those who prefer physical packaging or if you know a person who does, this is a perfect time to drop by your preferred online store and buy NordVPN as a present for yourself or the ones you care about. You can buy a 18-Month NordVPN subscription on Amazon, while 12-Month subscription boxes are available on Frys and Microcenter. Go get them now!

Lewis Lambert Fox
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