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Everything about NordVPN subscription boxes

From the very beginning, NordVPN’s mission has been to make top-notch cybersecurity solutions accessible for all internet users – regardless of how tech-savvy they are, where in the world they live, what they do on the internet, or what devices they use. So we’re making it more convenient for you to buy NordVPN subscription boxes in most countries worldwide. Read on to find out where.

Everything about NordVPN subscription boxes

What’s in the box?

After you order NordVPN from one of the stores below or get it from your local shop, open your box. Inside, you’ll find an activation card and a VPN user guide. It will only take a few moments for you to set it up and make your online activities more secure and private with NordVPN.

How to activate the code

Here’s an easy instruction on how to activate your subscription:

  1. Create and activate your account. Use the card to find your unique NordVPN activation key. Then go to NordVPN’s website, enter your activation key and email, and click “Continue.”
  2. Open your email and check for the verification code in your inbox.
  3. Copy the verification code and paste it into the box.
  4. Download the NordVPN app. Whatever OS you use – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or Linux – we have the necessary configurations for fast and easy setup.

That’s it – you are now ready to secure your online traffic. Open the app and press “Quick connect.” The special algorithm will automatically connect you to the most suitable server. You can also navigate the map or browse the server list to choose the best server for your needs.

Where to buy a NordVPN box

We are expanding our retail network every day. Here are the top online and brick-and-mortar shops selling NordVPN subscription boxes around the United States, Canada, and Europe. Check our retail page for a complete list of vendors selling NordVPN subscription boxes.

United States

Here are five stores in the US selling NordVPN subscription boxes online or in their brick-and-mortar stores:

Best Buy

Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the United States, sells 1-year NordVPN subscription boxes online. In addition to their online shop, you can find NordVPN at more than 360 physical Best Buy stores.

Grab one next time you shop for electronics. No stores near you? You can still buy your subscription box online and get it delivered to your door free of charge.


Staples is an American retail company offering products and services to improve learning and working processes. A VPN is an integral part of safe working and learning, which is why Staples offers a 1-year NordVPN subscription in its physical and online stores. Pair easy-to-use privacy protection with other computer accessories for convenient experiences.


Walmart is a multinational retail corporation with over 10,500 stores and clubs in 20 countries. It sells everything from clothes to books, car accessories, furniture, electronics, groceries, and more. The NordVPN subscription box is one of the thousands of Walmart products on their shelves. Get all your shopping done in one place at this retailer, and look out for special deals on NordVPN.


Amazon sells 1-year NordVPN subscription boxes, and it delivers straight to your door in just a few clicks. Amazon also offers the widest array of other Nord Security products. Amazon also offers many discounts on Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, so next time you shop on Amazon, check for special deals on NordVPN too.


NewEgg is another great department store selling computer hardware and consumer electronics that sells 1-year NordVPN subscription boxes. You can only buy NordVPN with a combo, like Microsoft products or antivirus software packages. But it only means an even safer and more convenient experience in cyberspace. NewEgg offers various discounts on bundles, so if you’re looking for better security, this is the place to get NordVPN at a lower price.


Looking for a NordVPN subscription box in Canada? Here are a few places where you can get it:

Amazon (CA)

E-commerce giant Amazon Canada sells NordVPN subscription boxes too. Put it in your cart next time you shop for clothing or video games – only a few clicks to up your cybersecurity by a lot. If you order your NordVPN box today, you can have it delivered directly to your home or workplace tomorrow.


You can get NordVPN in BestBuy Canada too. Like its US counterpart, you can order your box online and get it delivered to your door or just pick it up from your nearest store. You can do so in over 100 Best Buy stores across Canada.


Are you looking for a laptop or computer accessories at Staples? Are you browsing their online store for office supplies? This is a great opportunity to throw a NordVPN subscription box into your shopping cart. You can buy the box in a physical store or get your NordVPN subscription delivered electronically and instantly enjoy safer browning.

London Drugs

London Drugs is a Canadian online or in-store for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, housewares, and many more. London Drugs also sells 1-year NordVPN subscription boxes among its many product offerings. Either order the product online and pick it up at the nearest store the same day or get it delivered right to your doorstep.

London Drugs applies free shipping for orders over $75, so get browsing privacy with your next purchase and save on the delivery fee.

The Source

Canadian consumer electronics chain, The Source, sells everything from laptops to charging cables at more than 400 locations. It offers NordVPN subscription boxes too. No stores near you? Like most vendors, The Source offers NordVPN in their online stores. Order now, and the box will be delivered to your house or office within 2-3 days.


You can buy NordVPN in European stores too. Here are some places in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands where you can buy a NordVPN subscription box.

Amazon (UK)

Amazon is accessible from almost every corner of the world, so you can also buy NordVPN boxes from this vendor in the UK. Get a 1-year subscription of online privacy together with your next purchase.


BOX is one of the major online electronics retailers in the country. Buying a laptop? Add NordVPN to your cart too. Although they don’t have physical stores, you can buy an electronic NordVPN subscription box on their website. No shipping fees, no pick ups – purchase, and BOX will send you the subscription right away.

Ebuyer (UK)

An electronic commerce retailer in the UK, Ebuyer, offers electronic downloads of a NordVPN subscription. Your new PC or computer accessories can be paired with easy-to-set up online security in just a few clicks. And look out for daily deals. You can find our service at lower prices!

Amazon (DE)

You can get NordVPN on Amazon Germany too. It is just like its US and UK counterparts – you can order your box online and get it delivered to your door. Purchase a 1-year subscription next time you shop for clothes, home appliances, or electronics, and enjoy safer internet. Amazon often has various sales, like Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, so check for discounts occasionally.

MediaMarkt (DE)

Media Markt is a German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with over 1000 stores in Germany and other European countries. You can purchase your 1-year subscription online or get it delivered within 1-3 days. MediaMarkt offers different product discounts, so look for special deals on NordVPN.

Euronics (DE)

Euronics has over 1,700 independent electrical retailers in Germany selling 1-year NordVPN subscription boxes. You can order the box on the Euronics website and get it delivered straight to your house, order it online and pick it up at any store, or head to the nearest shop and get your online security packed in a small blue box.

Licentie2GO (NL)

One of the few places offering NordVPN subscriptions in the Netherlands is Licentie2GO, a software-selling platform. Grab your NordVPN box next time you shop for productivity software or Microsoft packs. The platform also offers other Nord Security products, like NordPass, so look for discounts and increase your cybersecurity.

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