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NordVPN is the new partner of Sheffield United

The sharpest Blades need the strongest shields. NordVPN is excited to announce a new partnership with Sheffield United, becoming the Official Cyber Security & VPN Partner of the Club! This union will spread awareness of the importance of keeping your private information safe. Every Blades fan will soon know the steps they can take to protect themselves online.

NordVPN is the new partner of Sheffield United

Sheffield United have an huge season ahead, and we at NordVPN are confident it will end with a return to the Premiership. NordVPN is here to provide peace of mind whenever anyone connects online, be it players or fans.

We’ll cover cybersecurity on the sidelines, so players and viewers can focus on the pitch.

The combination of Sheffield United’s tenacious perseverance and NordVPN’s next-level security is the perfect formula for stability and safety. The goal of the partnership is to educate every Blades fan in the dangers they face online if they stumble about unprotected. By becoming more aware of the risks, fans will already have the advantage over any future hackers and cyber thieves.

An exciting new partnership

Here’s what Sheffield United’s Liam Robinson, Commercial Key Account Manager for The Blades, has to say about our new partnership:

“We are very happy to add NordVPN to the Sheffield United partnership portfolio. Their offering is one that greatly benefits our supporters, providing enhanced security, online utility, and full privacy whilst online. We are very much looking forward to telling their story over the course of the season and want to thank Nord for their confidence in the club.”

Support Sheffield United and protect yourself with NordVPN.

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