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NordVPN’s National Privacy Test is back: Can you get the top score?

Do you know enough about digital privacy and security to keep yourself safe online? Complete the National Privacy Test to find out. This online survey is a fun, quick, and easy way to test your cybersecurity knowledge and compare your results with others. Plus, your score will contribute to your country’s average — so every entry matters.

NordVPN’s National Privacy Test is back: Can you get the top score?

What is the National Privacy Test?

The National Privacy Test is an online tool for measuring your awareness of various online privacy and security risks. The test consists of 23 questions on daily digital life, online privacy, and cybersecurity.

Since the test’s launch in 2020, almost 140,000 people from 192 countries have taken part. The test has uncovered interesting differences between countries, ages, and genders.

The survey is back for its fourth year — and your answers could help shape the world’s understanding of online privacy awareness.

Once you’ve completed the survey, you get a score out of 100% with a short paragraph about your level of knowledge. You can also share your score on social media and encourage others to take part.

Who is the National Privacy Test for?

The National Privacy Test is for anyone looking to discover how much they know about online privacy and security. The cybersecurity landscape is always changing, with new threats frequently emerging and existing threats constantly evolving.

With the majority of our lives happening online, keeping track of digital privacy and security risks is paramount. The National Privacy Test gives you the chance to find out if you know enough to prevent cybersecurity incidents.

After finishing the test, you’ll be able to see your correct and incorrect answers and note the areas you may want to improve. After all, knowing enough about cybersecurity threats is the most effective way to avoid them.

Why take the National Privacy Test?

NordVPN launched the National Privacy Test to evaluate how people in different countries understand and follow cybersecurity best practices.

It’s a fun and accessible way for internet users to test their skills, detect gaps in their knowledge, and compare results. Here’s why you should take NordVPN’s National Privacy Test:

  • Find out your score. You may think you know enough to avoid most online risks, but can you score the highest percentage? The test’s questions are based on real, everyday life scenarios, so completing the test doesn’t just give you a score — it gives you a good idea of how well you’d be able to avoid trouble online.
  • Compare results by category. For those keen to see how well they scored compared with others, it’s quick and easy to get comparisons by gender, age group, education, industry, or country. The scores are updated regularly on the National Privacy Test platform, so get ready for some interesting insights.
  • Contribute to your country’s score. Every entry is important — everyone taking part will contribute to their country’s average score. On the National Privacy Test platform, you can review each country’s results and see which country performs best. The results may change with time as more people complete the survey, so it’s worth coming back to check them out once in a while.

What did the results show in the previous years?

Almost 140K people have completed the test since its launch in 2020, generating interesting insights on cybersecurity awareness.

For a detailed overview of the results and the option to filter by category like country, age, education, and industry, view the National Privacy Test report.


NordVPN launched the open-access National Privacy Test as a survey in November 2020. Over 137,000 respondents from 192 countries have answered 23 questions about their online privacy knowledge and skills. Research analysis was performed only for countries where the number of respondents was higher than 100.

If you’re interested in other NordVPN research projects, visit our Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Lab.

Can you get the top score?