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How the VPN experience is changing

International VPN Day is a good opportunity to revisit some of the progress that has been made in the industry and at Nord Security. We’re proud of how our tech teams have been pushing what it means to be a VPN to new heights.

How the VPN experience is changing

We’d like to take this opportunity to look back at the benefits VPNs provide us and how our concept of what a VPN can be is expanding.

Basic VPN use cases

First, let’s celebrate what VPNs do for all of their users around the globe. Trustworthy and dependable VPNs can be counted on for:

  • Security: Encrypted VPN tunnels protect the traffic of millions of internet users from malicious hackers with a myriad of attack types at their disposal.
  • Privacy: VPNs protect their users from snoopers and data brokers who sell their data to the highest bidder.
  • Global access: By changing users’ IP addresses, VPNs let users experience the internet as if they’re nearly anywhere else on Earth.

Nearly every VPN in the world can provide these basic benefits, and that’s great. The more VPN access we all have, the more secure the internet becomes for everyone. However, it’s also important to understand that VPN technology is still full of untapped potential! And we’re not just talking about these interesting VPN use cases.

Advanced NordVPN use cases

NordVPN’s entire team works hard every day to expand what it means to be a VPN service. We’re doing that by introducing new features and technologies that enhance existing VPN functions or introduce new ways for users to get more out of their VPNs.

  • Meshnet: Meshnet is a powerful new tool that lets NordVPN users create remote private networks with each other and even route their traffic through one another’s devices. This opens up new ways users can stay safe and get more out of their VPN.
  • NordLynx: New features aren’t the only things that push the VPN industry forward. We need to work on improving our fundamentals as well – speed, stability, and security. That’s why our team created NordLynx, which is a custom implementation of the popular Wireguard protocol. This allows us to offer users faster speeds more consistently.
  • Dedicated IP: Dedicated IPs aren’t a new feature, but they are one that is most feasible for VPN providers with larger infrastructures. Dedicated IPs allow VPN users to choose between anonymity and a clear online identity at the push of a button while still staying securely encrypted. They also enable all sorts of specific access use cases.
  • Threat Protection: Our Threat Protection feature pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a VPN more than any other tool that our service provides. This feature scans incoming files for malware and blocks the user from accidentally opening malicious links.

Many more innovations happen behind the scenes, where our techs work to ensure that NordVPN remains the fastest and most secure VPN on the market. What we’ve listed here are just some of the most interesting features that allow NordVPN users to experience VPNs in a whole new way.

What’s next?

We try not to discuss our new features too much until they’re ready, but rest assured that we have multiple teams hard at work on new features for our users to enjoy! What drives that feature development, of course, is the support of each and every active NordVPN user. We wouldn’t be able to build all of these new VPN features if we weren’t a premium VPN.

Thank you to our users and happy International VPN Day!

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