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How to install Kodi version 19.0 on FireStick

We all like to keep updated with the latest multimedia apps, especially with Kodi. Their library of free content is expansive and wide enough to make it a must-have app for anyone with a FireStick. You get access to a massive selection of shows and can watch movies on Kodi.

Charles Whitmore

Charles Whitmore

How to install Kodi version 19.0 on FireStick

This guide will show you how to install Kodi version 19.0 on your Amazon FireStick in just a few simple steps. It’s much easier than you think and will only take a few minutes.

How to download Kodi on FireStick

Kodi can’t be found on the Amazon app store. You’ll have to download a separate app to get started. It might seem like a roundabout way to get Kodi on FireStick, but the process is speedier than it sounds. This is the definitive guide on Amazon FireStick Kodi installation:

    1. To install Kodi on FireStick, open up your Amazon app store and search for Downloader. Download the app.
    2. Once the Downloader app has been installed, head over to your Settings. It’s the cog symbol at the far right of the navigation bar.
    3. Scroll down and select My Fire TV.
    4. From the new menu, select Developer options.
    5. Make sure ABG debugging is On.
    6. Go down to the next option and select Install unknown apps.
    7. You’ll be presented with a list of apps. Select the Downloader app and make sure it is set to ON.
    8. Go back to the main Settings options. Select Preferences.
    9. From here, go to Privacy Settings. Make sure Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data are set to OFF.
    10. Now we’re getting to the last steps for how to get Kodi on FireStick. Open up the Downloader app. Select the URL bar and enter this: Press Go. This should start the download for the Kodi app for FireStick.
    11. Wait until the download has finished and select Install.
    12. Once you've finished installing Kodi via your Amazon FireStick, you’ll be asked whether you want to Open it or if you’re Done. Pick either option.
    13. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to access the Kodi app from the FireStick home screen. Here’s how to find it: Go to Settings > select Applications > select Manage Installed Applications > Launch Kodi from the list of apps.
    14. If you don’t want to go through that process, merely hold the Home button until the pop-up screen appears, then just click in Apps and select Kodi from the list.

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Charles Whitmore
Charles Whitmore Charles Whitmore
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