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SFTP server

SFTP server

(also SSH File Transfer Protocol server)

SFTP server definition

A server using the SFTP transport protocol (an extension of the Secure Shell [SSH] cryptographic protocol) that works as the receiver’s or destination’s endpoint during a message exchange. An SFTP server can be associated with multiple receivers and destinations, but the reverse is not true — a receiver or destination can only be associated with one SFTP server.

The SFTP protocol should not be confused with the implementation of the SSH protocol by the File Transfer Protocol (FTP.)

Real SFTP server software

  • OpenSSH: Open source server primarily meant for Linux systems, the most popular SFTP/SSH server worldwide.
  • Tectia SSH Server: SFTP/SSH server from the creators of the SSH protocol.
  • Rebex Tiny SFTP Server: Minimalist SFTP server, free for non-commercial use.
  • Rebex Buru Server: Lightweight but full-featured SFTP, SCP, and SSH server for Windows, free for non-commercial use.
  • Titan FTP Server: SFTP, FTP/SSL, and FTP server for Windows.

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