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Using a VPN for Twitch

Bypass restrictions for Twitch, just like that.

30-day money-back guarantee
A woman using SoundCloud on her phone.

How to unblock Twitch with a VPN

It takes only three simple steps to experience internet freedom.


Get a NordVPN subscription and download the app.


Connect to a server in your chosen location.


All set – Twitch is now unblocked!

30-day money-back guarantee

A mobile phone protected with NordVPN.

How a VPN for Twitch works

A VPN (virtual private network) routes your traffic through a remote server allowing you to hide your real IP address, change your virtual location, and use services such as Twitch with increased security. You can watch your favorite streamers wherever you travel.

Why is Twitch blocked in some locations?

Twitch can be blocked by countries, such as China and Slovakia, and by institutions. For example, a school or a company can block access to Twitch to help with productivity on their premises. Or it can be plain internet censorship, especially because the platform’s discussion channels and controversial opinions shared on the platform are becoming more prevalent. A VPN can unblock access to Twitch, whether it’s restricted by a country or only within a company network.

SoundCloud blocked in some countries and institutions.