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Test your cybersecurity savvy with the National Privacy Test

Do you know how to stay private and secure online? Are you better informed than your neighbors? Could you be way ahead of most internet users in your country? Find out when you take the National Privacy Test.

Lukas Ramonas

Lukas Ramonas

Test your cybersecurity savvy with the National Privacy Test

20 questions, 5 minutes, 3 aspects of your digital life

You’ll take about 5 minutes to complete the National Privacy Test and you’ll answer 20 questions about 3 aspects of your digital life:

  • Digital habits. Are you in control of your privacy when using online services? Do you employ privacy tools to ensure your data is secure?
  • Privacy awareness. Do you share sensitive information securely? Can you recognize a malware attack? Are your online accounts safe?
  • Online risk. Can you recognize the major online threats that you face everyday? Do you know the best way to avoid them?

The score will give valuable insight into your cybersecurity knowledge — and where you need to improve.

See how you rank nationally

When you complete the test, you’ll see the average score in your country and how well you did in comparison. If you choose to disclose personal details about yourself (which won’t be collected or used to identify you), you’ll also see the score of people of the same gender, age group, industry, and marital status.

How will you score?

Lukas Ramonas
Lukas Ramonas Lukas Ramonas
Wenn Lukas gerade einmal nicht damit beschäftigt ist, Nachrichten aus aller Welt zu verfolgen oder mit den neuesten Gadgets zu spielen, liebt er es, über Technologie und Probleme in der Cybersicherheit zu bloggen. Die Vorstellung, dass irgendjemand unverhältnismäßig viele Daten über ihn oder seine beiden Katzen sammeln könnte, findet er ganz schrecklich.