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Just-in-Time access

Just-in-Time access

(also JIT)

Just-in-Time access definition

Just-in-Time (JIT) access grants permissions only when required. Users receive short-lived credentials, minimizing potential threats. Just-in-Time access reduces the attack surface by eliminating prolonged access.

See also: real-time data, client

Just-in-Time access use cases

  • Emergency responses. When critical incidents occur, teams use JIT access to quickly grant specialists the permissions they need.
  • Contractor projects. Companies provide temporary access to contractors or freelancers for specific tasks. Then they revoke it upon completion.
  • Audits and compliance checks. Auditors receive JIT access to sensitive data, ensuring they only view what’s necessary and for a limited duration.
  • User role transitions. Employees who are changing roles or departments receive appropriate access rights just when they start their new position.
  • Infrastructure management. System admins get JIT permissions to make infrastructure changes or updates. That minimizes the risk window.

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