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Cobweb site

Cobweb site

Cobweb site definition

A cobweb site is a web page that’s not been updated for a long time but is still available online. How quickly a page becomes a cobweb site depends on how timely the content on the site should be. For example, a local news site will become a cobweb site if not updated for a few days because it typically updates its information daily. Blogs may become cobweb sites over a few weeks or months. Despite their outdated content, cobweb sites may still rank relatively high on search engines if they contain timeless content.

See also: dynamic website

Dangers associated with cobweb sites

  • Outdated websites may have unpatched security vulnerabilities in content management systems (CMS) or plugins. Cybercriminals can exploit these vulnerabilities to access these sites.
  • Hackers may compromise cobweb sites to host and spread malware on unsuspecting visitors’ devices. People who access these sites may download malicious software onto their devices without realizing it.
  • Cybercriminals can use cobweb sites to launch phishing attacks. They may upload content to trick users into sharing sensitive information (like login credentials or personal data).
  • Attackers may use compromised cobweb sites for URL redirects to malicious websites, leading visitors to phishing or malware distribution sites.
  • If a cobweb site keeps user data or login information and is not properly secured, there’s a risk of data breaches. Attackers may target the site and steal sensitive user information.

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