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Service update: NordVPN proxy extension for Google Chrome

One more digital security tool has just been released. Our team is more than happy to announce the launch of the brand new NordVPN proxy extension for Google Chrome. From now on it’s easier to secure your online activities, hide your IP address and safely access your favorite websites. Let’s take a peek at all the benefits.

Service update: NordVPN proxy extension for Google Chrome

Meet the new NordVPN Chrome extension

The long-awaited security solution is here to protect your online activities and enhance your browsing experience. What’s even better – our proxy extension is extremely light and fast so that you can switch between locations in no time. Activate the Chrome extension to:

  • Hide your identity online. Use this solution to encrypt your Internet traffic and hide your actual IP address. By now we have more than 1100 unique IPs in 60 countries, and our list is constantly growing. Once you connect to one of our remote VPN servers, your online activities are encrypted, and your device is assigned the IP address of that particular server making it look like you are in another country.
  • Safely access websites and services. The new lightweight extension for Chrome will help you safely access your favorite sites even if they are not protected by HTTPS. Many popular websites, including CNN, BBC, IMDB, still don’t offer HTTPS encryption meaning that snoopers can see what you read or click there. When you enable NordVPN extension, it encrypts your Internet traffic so you can be sure your browsing is safe and private.
  • Protect your data from IP leaks. Even if you use a VPN, there’s still a chance to experience WebRTC leaks in your browser, which may reveal your original IP address. This is no fun, having in mind that your sensitive data, including passwords of your accounts, credit card details and even your current location may be visible to all kinds of snoopers and nefarious users. The NordVPN extension allows disabling Chrome’s default WebRTC protocol, this way ensuring that your online identity stays hidden at all times, no matter what.
  • Shield against ads and malware. The Threat Protection feature is also available in the NordVPN extension for Chrome. It can be purchased separately to protect your device from malware and other cyber threats that lurk online. Additionally, it blocks those annoying pop-ups, auto-play ads and other advertisement material that you probably aren’t too eager to see.

Getting NordVPN for your Chrome browser

You can download our proxy extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once you do that, it will appear next to your other Chrome extensions so you will be able to find it and connect easily. The second you do that, your online communications are instantly encrypted and your IP address is hidden, meaning that your Internet activities are now invisible to hackers or any other third-party snoopers.

When you open the NordVPN extension, click Choose location and browse the country list to pick the destination you prefer. Or, if you don’t have any specific requirements, simply click Auto connect and let our special algorithm pick the best option for you based on server load, distance and other specifications.

The NordVPN Chrome extension encrypts your HTTP traffic with the Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol, which is widely used to provide security over users’ internet communications. When you enable the extension, nobody can spy on your online activities or take over your sensitive information, including ISPs, governments or cybercriminals.

Now that your data is safely encrypted and online identity hidden, you can enjoy secure and private Internet browsing. Internet freedom feels good, doesn’t it?

Please note that this extension is only available for Google Chrome users. If you wish to secure your other devices, you can download the full NordVPN version for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS under the same subscription.

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