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NordVPN bundles explained

NordVPN bundles allow you to enjoy the many benefits of Nord Security products for a lower cost than if you purchased them separately. In this article, we present the latest service packages and their prime benefits.

NordVPN bundles explained

NordVPN bundle offers

Depending on your location, NordVPN offers at least three service plans, which include numerous cyber security features.

  • Basic plan. The Basic plan, NordVPN’s most affordable option, offers you a fast and secure VPN connection that can simultaneously secure up to 10 devices. It is the perfect choice for those looking to test the VPN for the first time.
  • Plus plan. The Plus Plan provides all the benefits of the Basic plan, including additional features such as Threat Protection Pro, malware protection, and NordPass, NordVPN’s cross-platform password manager. The latter memorizes and securely stores your passwords while also allowing you to employ a data breach scanner that checks online websites for your passwords, email addresses, or credit card detail leaks. If any of your NordPass-linked digital entities suffer a data breach, the scanner will instantly find the compromised accounts. To further mitigate the damage, NordPass’ robust Password Generator feature will help you set up a strong password in just a few seconds, allowing you to quickly update your leaked passwords.
  • Ultra plan. Like the name suggests, the Ultra plan is the ultimate NordVPN service package. With all the benefits of the Plus plan, Ultra also offers one terabyte of encrypted NordLocker cloud storage, allowing you to keep your files in an encrypted vault. In addition to safekeeping, NordLocker allows its users to safely share the data with others and to sync the files across all devices, making it an attractive choice for traveling professionals, remote workers and other digital nomads.
  • nordvpn bundles explained

The price of the plans depends on the length of your subscription:

  • Monthly plan. A short commitment will cost you more — monthly subscriptions currently cost around $13 to $16 per month, depending on your chosen plan.
  • 1-year plan. The 1-year plan is more efficient and currently costs around $5 to $8 per month. Also, you will make an upfront payment for the whole year, so you won’t need to worry about transferring money every month.
  • 2-year plan. The 2-year plan is the most economical one. With this plan, users enjoy the lowest monthly price — around $4 to $7. Again, you will need to make one upfront payment, and you’ll get cheap, top-notch protection for two years.

Note that VAT taxes may apply depending on your country of residence, and this factor may increase the monthly price by a dollar or so. Also, keep in mind that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee — if you’re not satisfied with our product during the first 30 days, we can provide you with a full refund.

You can also upgrade your plan at any time. Simply visit your user profile, click on “Pick a plan,” and select the subscription option you like. It will take effect when your current subscription expires.

Which option should you choose?

A VPN is an essential tool that encrypts your online traffic and protects your data from snoopers. NordVPN advises opting for the 2-year plan because the VPN will cost you less in the long run and provide a longer protection period.

When it comes to choosing the best NordVPN package, the decision depends solely on what features you seek. For those looking to use a VPN only, the Basic plan will be enough, while for those seeking additional protection and services, the Plus and Ultra packages can offer an abundance of options, such as Threat Protection Pro or NordPass. Passwords are essential to your online security, so they must meet certain criteria to be considered strong, and NordPass will generate, memorize, and store them for you. In addition, using Threat Protection Pro will provide enhanced security while browsing online, blocking web trackers, annoying ads, malicious URLs, and other similar cyber threats.

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