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BBC iPlayer is an Internet streaming service that allows to enjoy high-quality entertainment content live or on demand either at home or away. Unfortunately, access to BBC iPlayer is restricted outside the UK.

Why can’t I access BBC content from outside the UK?

Because of content licensing agreements, BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to stream and download only if you live in the UK. So even if you hold a valid British television license, you may not be able to enjoy your favourite TV shows while traveling overseas. This can be quite frustrating, having in mind that you still pay for the service. And even more – if you temporarily move abroad, you may completely lose access to prime-quality entertainment content.

Luckily, BBC allows you to prepare for your trip and download some of TV shows and movies while you are still in the UK, so you can watch them later offline. However, the problem still remains as it is impossible to download daily news or live sports matches in advance.

Therefore, BBC subscribers often look for reliable ways to access their usual content while traveling or temporarily residing overseas.

How to securely watch BBC iPlayer with VPN?

When your device connects to the Internet, it is assigned an IP address, which immediately shows the country you are currently located in. Not only this restricts access to certain services and websites but also makes you vulnerable against various threats that lurk online.

NordVPN allows you connecting to remote UK servers, making it seem like you are currently in your home country. It also secures all Internet connections with strong encryption and keeps no logs of any of your activities. This way you can safely stream your favorite entertainment content from wherever you are.

Access BBC iPlayer securely

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