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All the Reasons Why You Should Be Using NordVPN

Since online privacy issues have intertwined with the high use of technology, therefore, the discussions about online privacy naturally emerged in the public space over the last years. And it is no surprise when so many service providers have free access to their clients’ personal and private information.

For this reason, the popularity of Virtual Private Network (VPN) is consistently increasing, as it allows users to preserve their privacy and anonymity while searching the web. In addition to this, there are numerous benefits of a VPN service, starting from accessing geo-restricted content to securely connecting to the Internet when traveling or working remotely.

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Top 5 Benefits of NordVPN

Security. We at NordVPN think of security as the biggest challenge in today’s interconnected world. Therefore, above all the benefits of VPN, we consider it as the top priority. That being so, we not only provide the secure connection to the Internet at all times but also offer advanced privacy solutions, such as Double Data Encryption, Onion Over VPN and CyberSec. In addition to this, we have created an automatic Kill Switch and DNS Leak Resolver, which helps to identify when VPN leak has occurred.

Privacy protection. While developing our product, we take online privacy and anonymity seriously, making it one of the most significant benefits of using VPN. As a result, we have strict no logs policy, based on which we do not monitor our users’ activity online. Besides, one of the compelling advantages of VPN is that you can send your network traffic through a remote server to change and hide your real IP address. By doing so, you can protect your anonymity and personal information from ISPs, government institutions or hackers.

Access to restricted content and resources. From our experience, the ability to see geo-restricted media content or sports events is another common reason why our customers use VPN on a daily basis. A VPN service not only allows to unlock hundreds of streaming sites that are unavailable in the specified region but also can be used by organizations to protect their sensitive data.

Better connectivity. We at NordVPN understand that the nature of encrypting and re-routing Internet traffic can naturally make VPN slower compared with a local Internet service provider. Thus, we invest extra time and effort to offer super fast servers all around the world and assure high connection speed at all times. Also, on the contrary to many VPN service providers, we provide a secure P2P solution for quickly sharing files online to large groups of people.

Extra benefits. We can start by saying that NordVPN is not only easy to use and set up, but also available on up to 6 multiple devices linked to one account. In addition to this, we accept payments in Bitcoin, the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency, and currently offer a number of dedicated IPs in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and United States. And finally, if you need any assistance, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful staff, who are here to help you with any question at any time.

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