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VPN hardware

VPN hardware

VPN hardware definition

VPN hardware refers to dedicated devices that are specifically designed to build a secure and encrypted connection. It is commonly divided into computing hardware, such as the VPN server and the client device, as well as networking hardware, such as routers, firewalls, network cards, and wireless devices. VPN hardware is often used by organizations to enable their employees, partners, and customers to connect to dedicated services.

VPN hardware can be used to provide secure remote access to a company’s resources for employees working from home, establish site-to-site connections between different locations, or connect the organization’s network to cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services.

See also: end-to-end encryption, firewall, tunneling, gateway server

Types of VPN hardware

  • VPN routers. Designed to support VPN connections, these routers typically have built-in VPN servers and client software that allow remote devices to connect to the network securely. VPN routers may also have additional security features, such as firewall protection, intrusion prevention, and content filtering.
  • VPN gateways. These are dedicated devices designed to manage VPN connections for an entire network. These devices typically have multiple VPN tunnels and can handle a large number of simultaneous connections.
  • VPN concentrators. They are designed to manage large numbers of VPN connections from remote devices.

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