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Real-life cybercrime stories

We asked our users, “Have you been a victim of cybercrime?” And this is what they told us. From customer support scams to account thefts and credit card fraud, these different cybercrime cases show that no one is safe in the digital world.

cyber crime credit card stolen thumbnail

Taras Y. · Age 36 · Germany · specialist

Money was transferred further quickly abroad with no trace. Police couldn't help me in any way.

cyber crime criminals took card number thumbnail

Michael S. · Age 48 · USA · specialist

I felt sick. I had just given criminals my credit card number, my passwords, my bank account info.

cyber crime hoax thumbnail

Alessandro B. · Age 42 · Finland · specialist

Do NOT use the same password for all your accounts, no matter how easy it seems.

cyber crime hacker support thumbnail

Marty · Age 64 · USA · retired

He took 95% of my files, pictures, documents, 8 years of memories of my 4 grandchildren.

cyber crime bag debt thumbnail

Courtney L. · Age 65 · USA · retired

I checked my bank accounts early one morning and couldn't believe I was $7400 in debt on my credit card.

cyber crime giving away bills thumbnail

Barbara · Age 67 · USA · retired

We were told that this person had hacked our email & could see everything we did online.

cyber crime keylogger thumbnail

Jeffrey J. · Age 42 · USA · managing director

I downloaded a keylogger and they hacked my WoW account, selling all my goods and draining my account.

cyber crime hacker impersonate woman thumbnail

Sarah R. · Age 30 · Japan · teacher

They began spamming my mailing list and making purchases using my credit information.

cyber crime suspicious looking sms thumbnail

Vasileios K. · Age 43 · USA · business owner

Never open up any attachments or links from emails that do not appear legitimate.

cyber crime shattering credit card thumbnail

Sherjeel K. · Age 29 · USA · student

I found out that both of those cards had been used for various purchases around the country.

cyber crime long check confused thumbnail

Alexei M. · Age 25 · Australia · specialist

About half year ago I noticed that there were weird purchases from my bank account.

cyber crime malicious connection thumbnail

Tina · Age 22 · Norway · manual worker

I could have found myself in debt due to some person really wanting some Fortnite V-bucks.

cyber crime pizza box hacker thumbnail

Mark A. · Age 32 · Canada · team lead

Before moving to Canada, about eight years ago, I was the victim of a credit card hack in the UK.

cyber crime same password thumbnail

Thijs · Age 26 · Netherlands · specialist

My password was on the internet in plain text, together with my email address.

cyber crime password leaving thumbnail

Alex · Age 18 · UK · student

It's quite an anxiety-provoking having someone stalk you for such a long time.

cyber crime leaked card info thumbnail

Birdie H. · Age 32 · USA · specialist

It started with an alert from my bank for a $1000 charge I had not made.

cyber crime email fishing thumbnail

Samuel P. · Age 24 · USA · specialist

A man claimed that he had gained access to my email address, and through that, my device.

cyber crime threatening info thumbnail

Mike F. · Age 71 · Canada · business owner

I immediately deleted the affected records and equipped all of my computers with ransomware protection.

We think it won't happen to us. Until it does.

While you may think you are safe online, cybercriminals prove otherwise.


75 data records are stolen every second.


A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds.


of people said they had been victims of cybercrime.

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