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LAN party

LAN party

LAN party definition

A LAN (local area network) party is when people get together in a physical space to connect their devices to the same network and play games. LAN parties became popular in the ’90s when broadband internet was expensive and not very common. They vary in size from a get-together with a few friends to a major event involving hundreds of strangers.

How LAN parties work

  1. A LAN party typically involves a group of friends gathering with their computers or game consoles.
  2. Everyone connects their devices to the same local area network (LAN) using wired or wireless technology.
  3. The participants then play multiplayer games or partake in other activities that need an internet connection, like watching movies or listening to music.

The biggest LAN parties

  • DreamHack. The world’s biggest LAN party began as a small gathering of schoolmates and friends in 1994 in Sweden. The event occurs several times per year in various places worldwide — from Melbourne to Rotterdam. The organizers call it a “large-scale gaming festival” that brings the gaming community to life.
  • The Gathering. The second-largest LAN party, the Gathering (abbreviated as “TG”), has been held annually since 1992 in Norway. The party lasts five consecutive days and attracts more than 5,000 people yearly.

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