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About the gift: Saily is a global eSIM app for travelers who want to stay connected. Choose from hundreds of flexible data plans in over 150 countries and avoid unexpected roaming fees. No contracts, no strings attached.

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Why choose NordVPN?

See how we compare to the other VPN providers.


Connection speed*

6730+ Mbps

2220+ Mbps

3320+ Mbps

1600+ Mbps

2320+ Mbps

VPN servers


Not disclosed




Malware scan for downloads

Alerts about leaked credentials

Tracker and ad blocker

Date of comparison: January 11, 2024.

*Overall network performance according to research by AV-Test. You can read the full report.

Add extra layers of security to your digital life

Get our best online protection tools along with your NordVPN service.


password manager

Organize your complex passwords and keep them securely in a single place.

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file encryption tool

Secure your files in a click and back them up on a private cloud.

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Take your cybersecurity to the next level with Threat Protection Pro

The new feature protects you from malware, trackers, and ads. Even if you’re not connected to a VPN.

NordVPN's Threat Protection Pro feature.

Malware protection

Avoid malicious websites and protect your devices from malware.

NordVPN's Dark Web Monitor feature.

Tracker Blocker

Block tracking cookies and browse the internet without leaving a trace.

NordVPN's Meshnet feature.

Ad blocker

No more pop-ups and intrusive ads — only smooth browsing.

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Keep your data safe from prying eyes

Ultimate security

NordVPN safeguards your connection with next-generation encryption, so you can log into your accounts, make bank transfers, and shop online without worries. Even on unprotected Wi-Fi.

No-logs policy

It’s nobody’s business what you do online. That’s why we don’t track, collect, or share your private data. We couldn’t provide any details about you to third parties, even if they ask.

Enjoy fast and stable connection anywhere

No bandwidth limits

There are no speed limits at our end. Enjoy your full-speed VPN connection without any throttling.

Works on all devices

NordVPN is compatible with all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Besides, you can secure up to 10 devices with a single account, including your router.

Available on:

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Dedicated IP

Get all the benefits of a VPN with an IP address that belongs only to you. Enjoy secure browsing with fewer interruptions, and say goodbye to IP blocklists and annoying CAPTCHAs – add Dedicated IP to your VPN subscription at the checkout.


Take your personal data off the market effortlessly, avoid potential scams, phishing attacks, and identity theft – get the Incogni data removal tool on top of your VPN plan and take back control of your online data privacy.

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30-day money-back guarantee

Not sure if this is what you need? Take your time to try the NordVPN service completely risk-free.

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Save 72% on NordVPN + get Saily eSIM data

30-day money-back guarantee

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