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Intelligent agent

Intelligent agent definition

An intelligent agent is a software program designed to perform specific tasks using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, without any human intervention. Intelligent agents can read and understand their environment, take action, and adapt to changing conditions without human intervention. Examples of intelligent agents in everyday life include chatbots and virtual assistants.

See also: artificial intelligence

How intelligent agents work

  1. 1.Agents use sensors, cameras, microphones, and other sources to gather information about their surroundings. For example, a self-driving car can recognize people or objects.
  2. 2.They analyze and interpret the information to recognize patterns.
  3. 3.After processing the data, agents use AI and ML to make decisions (like turning left to reach the destination).
  4. 4.In response to their decisions, intelligent agents may perform actions like sending messages, controlling devices, or recommending products.
  5. 5.Many agents collect feedback and learn from mistakes to make better decisions in the future.
  6. 6.Intelligent agents work autonomously (i.e., without human intervention) and adapt to changing conditions and situations.
  7. 7.Some agents can communicate with users or other systems (e.g., through text, voice, or other interfaces).

Intelligent agent examples

  • Chatbots are intelligent agents that can hold conversations with users, answer questions, and perform tasks (like scheduling appointments).
  • Virtual assistants (e.g., Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant) can respond to voice commands, give information, and control smart devices.
  • Self-driving cars use intelligent agents that use sensors and AI algorithms to navigate and make driving decisions (e.g., avoiding obstacles and following traffic rules).
  • Online platforms like Netflix and Amazon use intelligent agents to analyze user behavior and recommend products or content they might like.