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Domain drop catching

(Also domain sniping)

Domain drop catching definition

Domain drop catching is registering a domain name immediately after it becomes available due to expiration. This technique is frequently used by people and companies looking to make money. They hunt for once-popular domains that may still offer significant worth in terms of organic traffic, established SEO, or brand recognition. Some buyers simply want to save money and get a good domain name for their business or personal project. Unfortunately, there are people and businesses who try to snatch expired domains only to sell them at inflated prices.

Additionally, it may prevent original domain owners who unintentionally let their domains lapse from recovering them easily.

See also: domain hijacking, domain spoofing, reverse domain name hijacking

How domain drop catching works

When a domain expires, it doesn't immediately become available for new registration. First, it enters a series of status changes starting with a grace period, followed by a redemption phase, and finally, a pending delete phase. The domain is released and becomes available only after this cycle is done. Domain drop catchers use automated software or buy services from domain registration companies to monitor these expiring domains and attempt to register them the instant they become available. The competitive nature of domain drop catching often leads to bidding wars, especially for sought-after domains, which can significantly drive up costs.