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Threat Protection goes Pro: NordVPN’s cybersecurity solution gets an upgrade

As online threats become more sophisticated, so does NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature. Our advanced cybersecurity solution stands out compared to similar tools on the market, so it’s time to reintroduce it to our current and future users. Meet Threat Protection Pro — a tool that protects your online privacy on more fronts than before. But what does this mean for you?

Threat Protection goes Pro: NordVPN’s cybersecurity solution gets an upgrade

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introducing Threat Protection Pro

It’s official, the Threat Protection that you know and love has become Threat Protection Pro.

Why the change? We at NordVPN think it’s time Threat Protection’s name reflected the broad range of its features. We were the first to introduce the concept of threat protection to the VPN market, and we’ve been continuously upgrading our security solution to keep up with the latest online threats, such as malware, phishing, scams, and web tracking.

The threat protection tools of other VPN providers are typically limited to DNS filtering, which means they block your access to harmful websites only at the domain level. Don’t get us wrong, avoiding malicious websites is better than nothing, but working at the domain level limits how many websites you can block. In contrast, Threat Protection Pro does so much more — it works at the URL and Javascript levels to help you avoid tracking, phishing, scams, malware, and annoying ads.

If you’re already using NordVPN and enjoying our Threat Protection feature, you’ll notice the “PRO” next to its name on your app. If you’re not yet a NordVPN user but would like to improve your cybersecurity, you can get Threat Protection Pro with the more comprehensive NordVPN subscriptions.

Threat Protection Pro

What about Threat Protection Lite?

The lightweight version of NordVPN’s cybersecurity solution is also getting a makeover. Threat Protection Lite, the leaner version of our original product, is dropping the “Lite” from its name to better reflect its capabilities. From now on, it’s just Threat Protection.

As before, Threat Protection will be based on DNS filtering and provide a basic level of security from cyberthreats. This tool will block ads and protect you from unsafe and malicious sites.

Threat Protection Pro: Doubling down on cybersecurity

One reason Threat Protection Pro stands out from the crowd is that on top of passive URL matching, it uses machine learning to stop advanced threats. It’s more than an anti-malware tool — Threat Protection Pro helps you avoid phishing attempts and scams.

Having a reliable tool for blocking dangerous URLs is crucial because hackers create scam websites at every opportunity. They fabricate websites mimicking those of popular brands to play into your trust. Did you know that 99% of all phishing attacks impersonate only 300 brands? Our threat protection statistics from the last six months alone shows that Threat Protection Pro excels at identifying and preventing you from accidentally wandering onto phishing websites.

Would it surprise you to know that web domains for sports, gaming, or video hosting are particularly prone to harboring malware? Threat Protection Pro looks underneath the bright ads, graphics, and logos to detect what you could never see with a naked eye. In the last half year, our Pro tool has blocked tens of millions of websites that could easily infect your device with malware. Always on the lookout, Threat Protection Pro alerts you if you’re about to visit a dangerous site or download a malicious file.

Threat Protection Pro vs. Threat Protection

If you’re still trying to decide whether you should get the Pro version or if Threat Protection alone is enough, think about the level of security you’re aiming for and which devices you want to secure. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between Threat Protection Pro and Threat Protection:

Threat Protection ProThreat Protection
Supported devicesAvailable on Windows and macOSAvailable on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and all browser extensions
What it doesBlocks malicious domains, phishing domains, intrusive ads, malicious links, phishing websites and trackers and scans files for malware during downloadBlocks malicious and phishing domains and some intrusive ads
VPN connectionWorks without a VPN connectionMust be connected to a VPN
System impactSome features may use more system resourcesSuper lightweight and will barely impact your browsing
Safer browsingSignificantly increases your online security while browsing Will help you avoid dangerous domains and ads

The great thing about both Threat Protection Pro and Threat Protection is that the feature is part of the NordVPN app. Once you download the app and activate the anti-malware feature, you can enjoy a safer browsing experience every day.

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