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Why does iOS say my VPN might be filtering my traffic?

iPhone users may be getting a scary warning from their phones claiming that their VPN could be filtering or monitoring their traffic. We’ll explain why iOS sends you this notification and why it doesn’t actually mean your traffic is being filtered.

Why does iOS say my VPN might be filtering my traffic?
“All network activity on this iPhone may be filtered or monitored when using VPN.”

This notification is a default iPhone message that apps – including ours – can’t modify. It explains how VPN connections can be abused and notifies users when an app is trying to form a VPN connection, so it’s a welcome security feature.

The wording of the notification, however, seems to suggest that this might be the case for your NordVPN connection as well. However, we will never filter or censor your connection, and here’s why:

  • We do not track or log customer’s browsing data. We only gather the bare minimum amount of data required to provide a stable and secure service. Renowned Big Four auditing house has even examined our servers to check our claim.
  • We have always opposed internet censorship, and one of our product’s primary functions is to provide online freedom. When Roskomnadzor – the Russian government’s communication regulator – demanded we implement censorship systems, we immediately removed our servers from the country. Filtering user traffic would be against everything we stand for.

The only exception would be our Threat Protection, which filters out malicious websites and warns users before they enter them. However, users can opt out of this feature in their subscription plan.

So when you see this default iPhone notification, don’t worry – it just means that your iPhone is looking out for you. Your connection with NordVPN will still be totally private and under your control.