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Holiday gift guide: 7 gifts to keep your friends and family safe

Nov 23, 2018 · 4 minuutje lezen

Holiday gift guide: 7 gifts to keep your friends and family safe

They tell you that gifts don’t matter. They have everything, or they don’t need anything. And yet, you want to get them something. Don’t just buy a random trendy gadget that will probably end up in a landfill, or worse – will be used by hackers for nefarious purposes. Instead, get your friends and loved ones a gift they will appreciate – privacy and security.

7 online privacy and security gifts for any internet user

Not sure where to start? We’ll help you with that. For this holiday season, we have collected a bunch of different ideas — from practical stocking stuffers that help improve one’s privacy to advanced software that will keep all your online data safe. Take a look:

Webcam cover to avoid spying

Webcam cover to avoid spying

Mark Zuckerberg is obsessed with harvesting your data, so if he covers his webcam, everyone should. A significant percentage of our daily lives happen in front of webcams, so hijacking them makes perfect sense. If your webcam is left unprotected, a criminal can hack into your device, steal your private info, and watch you watching Youtube videos or eating breakfast if they want to. People who stick foil over their camera lenses don't seem so crazy after all.

An easily peelable sticker or a cover that slides to close/open will make a small but thoughtful gift that will help protect your loved ones from accidentally exposing themselves to the world.

Get it from: EFF / Silent Pocket / Amazon

RFID-blocking wallet to keep your cards safe

RFID-blocking wallet to keep your cards safe

That wallet in your pocket probably holds the key to your personal wealth, so you know to keep it safe and handy. While RFID-based (radio-frequency identification) attacks may not be a widespread problem (yet), the threat of someone swiping money from your contactless cards still exists.

Therefore, a nice wallet with RFID-blocking technology will make the perfect gift for your privacy-concerned friend or relative: it will ensure they have a convenient place to carry their cash and protect the cards with embedded RFID chips from unauthorized chip usage or scans. You can even find a wallet that sends an alert to your phone if you accidentally leave it somewhere.

Get it from: EFF / Silent Pocket / Amazon

NordVPN subscription for private and secure browsing

NordVPN subscription

Nobody likes the idea of being secretly watched, but that’s the digital world we live in – each step you take is closely monitored ISPs, advertisers, governments, or hackers. Your online privacy can be easily invaded, but only if you let it.

Giving the gift of online protection is pretty easy, especially since it comes in the form of a user-friendly VPN service. A VPN will create a virtually hack-proof encrypted tunnel for your online traffic, ensuring that nobody can get their hands on your private data. NordVPN has apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux, meaning that you and your dearest ones can browse securely at home and on the move at any time on any device.

Get it from: NordVPN / Amazon

Anti-surveillance eyewear to replace a tinfoil hat

Anti-surveillance eyewear

Not only will they make you look good, they'll also make you kind of invisible. Reflectacles Ghost emit infrared light, obscuring your face and identity from surveillance and facial recognition on CCTV cameras.

While the spectacles won’t rescue you from being tagged in embarassing party pics (do that yourself by managing your Facebook privacy settings), they will make you anonymous in pictures and videos shot with camera flash.

Get it from: Reflectacles

Privacy screen cover to prevent visual hacking

Privacy screen cover

How do you feel when someone is snooping over your shoulder? If the idea of a random stranger watching you checking your email doesn’t sound creepy enough, think about your private pictures or the banking credentials you type when paying your bills or shopping online.

A sticky screen protector will help shield the information on your screen from prying eyes. It “blacks out” side views, meaning that if some snoopy stranger tries to take a glance at your screen, they won’t be able to see anything.

Get it from: Amazon / Moshi

An encrypted USB drive to carry sensitive files

Encrypted USB drive

We’ve all been there – losing a USB drive or two. Whether it contains your data backups (you back up regularly, don’t you?) or top-secret business documents, you probably don’t want that information to fall into the wrong hands.

Make it easy for yourself or your security-loving friend to securely store and transport their sensitive data by gifting them a USB flash drive with built-in hardware-based encryption. Encrypted drives come in different capacities, designs, and prices, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect item to put under the Christmas tree.

Get it from: Markit / iStorage / Apricorn

Passphrase dice to create good passwords

Passphrase dice

You’ve heard it a zillion times – creating strong passwords is a must to keep your private data safe from cyber bad guys. Nevertheless, that's easier said than done, especially when you need to come up with a long, complex, and memorable password for each of your online accounts.

If you know someone who struggles with this task, get them a password manager subscription or passphrase dice. Rolling a handful of dice and using the EFF word lists will help generate truly random passphrases without scratching your head. Plus, it may turn into a fun game.

Get it from: EFF

P. S. Remember that hackers don’t take the holiday season off. While you will be looking for the coolest gifts, they will be chasing you with scammy banners and fake e-commerce sites. To stay on the safe side, always use NordVPN.

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