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Connect to any device securely with Meshnet

All you need is the NordVPN app.

Connect to any device securely with NordVPN Meshnet feature_alt

What is Meshnet?

NordVPN's Meshnet feature allows access to multiple devices via encrypted private tunnels._alt

It’s a NordVPN’s feature that lets you access devices over encrypted private tunnels. Sounds somewhat similar to VPN? You’re absolutely right! But instead of connecting you to a VPN server, Meshnet lets you connect to other devices directly no matter where in the world they are.

Meshnet is powered by NordLynx – our flagship technology built around WireGuard (“WireGuard” is registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld) and enhanced with privacy solutions. This foundation ensures top-grade security for all connections between devices via Meshnet.

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    Private and secure point-to-point connections
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    No configuration needed – it works like magic
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    Supports traffic routing

How it works


Let’s start with how to connect to Meshnet. Simply turn it on in your NordVPN app.


Link the devices you’d like to connect to by enabling Meshnet on your other devices or sending invitations to other NordVPN users.


Access a device by using its unique Nord name or IP address.

Why set up Meshnet? It’s great for file sharing, gaming, and work.

Discover an easy, secure, and private way to connect.

Play multiplayer games like Fortnite safely with virtual encrypted LAN._alt

Host and join virtual LAN parties

The world is your living room. Play multiplayer games with friends no matter where they are. Meshnet works as your virtual encrypted LAN, so location no longer matters. You can also share IP addresses and host a server for your friends.

Set up Meshnet for easy and safer sharing your development work with all world._alt

Access files stored on remote devices

Wish you could access files on your home computer while road tripping in the middle of nowhere? As long as you have an internet connection and your phone, you can keep your computer’s shared files at hand no matter how far you travel.

Easy access files stored on remote devices like phone or laptop._alt

Work on development projects

Whether it’s a passion project, a side-hustle, or your full-time job, start sharing your development work the easier and safer way. With Meshnet, others will be able to access your local web server securely with just a few clicks. Find out more about using Meshnet for team projects on our blog.

Need remote devices to share the same IP address? Try Meshnet’s internet traffic routing.

Meshnet feature lets you route all your online traffic through another machine._alt

Meshnet lets you route all your online traffic through another machine. This way, you’ll be accessing the internet under that machine’s IP address. In the same way, other devices can route their traffic through yours. You can manage permissions for traffic routing per each device, so you’re always in control of your privacy. Learn more about traffic routing with Meshnet.

Link up to 60 devices

No matter where in the world they are.

10 devices using a single NordVPN account with Meshnet enabled are linked automatically._alt

10 devices of your own

All devices, on which you use the NordVPN app with the same account and have Meshnet enabled, are linked automatically.

50 external devices can be paired using Meshnet as private pair networks._alt

50 external devices

Connect to external devices by sending invitations to other users, such as family and friends. It works both ways — other NordVPN users can invite you too. Every connection with an external device is isolated, so you can think of them as private pair networks.

Connect to a device in seconds

Use the device’s unique Nord name or IP address.

Easy connection with device's special IP address_alt

Device’s IP address

For each device, we assign a special IP address that works only with Meshnet. It’s different from the IP address assigned to you by your ISP or by us when you connect to VPN.

Easy connection with a unique generated Nord name

Device’s Nord name

We generate a unique Nord name for each device in case you need something that’s easier to type, tell, and remember.

Benefit from secure access on all platforms

Meshnet is available in the NordVPN apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Try now!