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Avoid malware with NordLabs’ File Checker

Opening a file for the first time can be an unnerving experience, especially if you’re not sure whether you can trust its source. Hackers have long proven their talent for disguising malware with legitimate-looking files. But we have a solution. Meet File Checker – your shield against malicious files.

Avoid malware with NordLabs’ File Checker

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is File Checker?

File Checker is an online tool that scans different types of files for malware and viruses. It helps to prevent malicious codes invading your devices through infected or corrupted files downloaded online.

Your general rule of thumb is to circumvent unknown files and never press the download button if you don’t recognize the sender (we’re sure you’re familiar with internet use 101). However, this rule becomes harder to follow as hackers become more inventive.

The boom of artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled cybercriminals to create more tempting and realistic phishing emails than ever. It also becomes tricky to spot lookalikes of legitimate websites and identify malicious files before you download them. But as hackers become more resourceful, so does the cybersecurity industry. Tools like File Checker can help you navigate the good and the bad of the internet and remain secure in the online jungle.

Imagine – you’ve just downloaded a file from a legitimate-looking website. You’ve checked its URL a dozen times, but you’re still uneasy about running the file on your computer. Here’s where File Checker comes to the rescue. Upload the suspicious file to the tool and check whether the file might be a threat. And the best part? File Checker is absolutely free.

How does File Checker work?

To check if the file you want to open is safe, upload it in the “Add file” field. Click “Analyze” and wait for a response. If the file is safe to open, the File Checker will notify you that it shows no signs of malicious activity. If that’s not the case, the tool will alert you that the file might be malicious.

Whenever you upload a file to File Checker, it calculates your file’s hash in the browser and sends it to NordLabs’ backend. Here, it’s checked against a huge database of known malicious file hashes. The NordLabs file hashes database is analyzed and curated using machine learning, AI, and other advanced techniques, offering extensive, up-to-date results. Your file doesn’t leave your computer throughout the checking process.

File Checker is extremely valuable when you need to manually check a file you’ve already downloaded to your computer. But what if you want to check a number of files at once?

A noteworthy alternative – Threat Protection Pro

Threat Protection Pro is an online security tool that allows you to check files for malware and viruses even before they land on your device. Powered by AI solutions, Threat Protection Pro automatically scans the file you download and blocks it if the tool detects anything malicious within the file. But that’s not the only thing Threat Protection Pro is notable for. The tool also blocks malicious websites, stops trackers, and prevents intrusive ads from popping onto your screen.

NordLabs: Shaping the cyberfuture

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the engines that drive many of today’s technological advancements. Aware of their potential, NordVPN has created a unique platform – NordLabs – for software developers and engineers to explore and experiment with the emerging technology.

The NordLabs team of researchers is eager to hear about your experience using their recently developed tools. Join the NordLabs waiting list to test new features for free and share your experience with our team.

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