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Scan your files for viruses with NordVPN

The easy way to know your downloads are malware-free.

scan your files for viruses with treat protection

What can malware do to your device?

signal of malware damaging device

There are different kinds of malware designed to do different things. It might overtake your device’s resources and use it to make money for its creator. It could be ransomware that encrypts your files and demands a ransom. Some malware will shower you with ads, while others will wreak havoc on your device, delete every file you have, or use it to mine cryptocurrencies.

How to prevent malware

a person sitting and scanning their file to prevent malware

The best way to avoid malware is to never click on a link or download a file if you’re not 100% sure it’s safe. It’s especially important to be careful when you’re downloading executable files. Malware can be disguised as a seemingly legitimate piece of software, and it can also piggyback its way to your device with an app you’re installing. You get two for the price of one, but it’s not a very good deal.

Want an easy way to avoid getting malware on your device? Use NordVPN!

How does NordVPN’s file scanning for malware work?

NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature scans your downloaded files in two different ways — you can pick which one you want in your app’s settings.

a person detecting and deleting virus with NordVPN

File malware

If you activate file malware scanning, NordVPN will scan every file you download to your device. It’s a quick scan, but you won’t be able to open or execute the file in the meantime. This feature works with all file types that can be malicious.

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Deep file scan for malware detection

If you’re not sure the software you downloaded is safe to use, you can choose the deep file scan option. It will upload your file to the cloud and safely execute it to see how it acts and determine if it’s malicious. This feature only works for executable files rather than pictures, documents, or videos.

How to enable malware scanning on NordVPN

Want to know how to scan files for viruses with NordVPN? It only takes a few steps:


Open the NordVPN app.


Find the shield icon and click on it.


Toggle the switch next to the “File malware” for a quick scan of your files.


Toggle the switch next to the “Deep file scan for malware detection” to check executable files more thoroughly.

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