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Your security is our priority

We are always working hard to make sure you are protected online. Our efforts are led by a team of 170+ tech experts, including programmers, security specialists, and IT architects. Here’s what we’re doing to give you the most secure VPN experience.

Our 2020 security roadmap


Partnering with cybersec thought leaders

We’ve partnered with VerSprite, a leading US cybersecurity consulting firm, and are forming a committee of international cybersec experts to help us improve our service.


Bug bounty program

We introduced a bug bounty program to catch potential vulnerabilities with the help of our community.


Infrastructure security audit

We are preparing for a thorough independent security audit in 2020, which will cover everything from VPN software to internal procedures.


Higher security standards for vendors

We are reviewing our criteria for the datacenters that we work with. We have also begun to build a network of collocated servers owned exclusively by NordVPN.


Diskless servers

We are planning to upgrade to RAM servers, creating a centralized network where no data is stored locally.

Key security measures

Internal penetration testing

Our professional penetration testing team constantly probes the NordVPN infrastructure for weaknesses. These experts simulate real-world attacks to expose and patch up vulnerabilities.

Bug bounty

We’ve launched a bug bounty program on HackerOne for ethical hackers to report security flaws for monetary reward. We encourage our community to analyze NordVPN’s website, apps, and services.

Third-party audits

NordVPN completed an industry-first audit of its no-logs policy in 2018 and an app security audit in 2019. This year, we’re planning to audit our infrastructure — hardware, software, back-end architecture, source code, and internal procedures.

External security partner VerSprite

NordVPN has partnered with VerSprite, a global leader in cybersecurity consulting and advisory services. VerSprite will be performing a comprehensive penetration test, examining our intrusion handling, and providing us with vendor risk assessments.

Protecting our infrastructure

Comprehensive security through our products



Built around the cutting-edge WireGuard® protocol, Project NordLynx paves the way for fast and secure VPN connections that guarantee your privacy.



NordPass is a next-gen password manager built with your security in mind. Through advanced cryptography and zero-knowledge architecture, NordPass protects your online accounts while fully respecting your privacy.



NordLocker is an easy-to-use file encryption tool. Anything encrypted with the app can be safely stored or shared with others, making sure that your confidential data is safe in the event of theft or breach.


NordVPN Teams

NordVPN Teams combines flexible online access with powerful encryption. Designed for business needs, it offers dedicated company servers, static IP addresses, third-party authentication, and more.

Lessons we’ve learned


Credential stuffing

In November 2019, a hacker uploaded about 2,000 email and password combinations matched to NordVPN accounts. These credentials were obtained from other breaches that had nothing to do with NordVPN.

Our security team is always investigating stolen credentials lists to protect NordVPN users. We use rate-limiting and smart detection systems, and will also implement two-factor authentication (2FA) soon.


Third-party data center breach

In March 2018, a single server we rented from a third-party Finnish data center was compromised. The breach occurred due to the data center’s negligence that we didn’t know about.

The intruders did not obtain any user activity logs, identities, usernames, or passwords. As soon as we learned of the breach, we terminated the server and thoroughly audited our network. To prevent similar incidents, we encrypt the hard disk of each new server alongside other protective measures.


NordVPN impersonators

Scammers cloned our site at, offering a Windows version of our app which secretly contained the Win32.Bolik.2 trojan virus. This trojan would monitor user activity and steal banking details.

We promptly blacklisted the site and took it down. We also published detailed guidance on how to protect yourself from similar scams in the future.


The responsibility of a market leader

NordVPN is one of the biggest providers in a versatile and highly competitive VPN market. We are recognized by the most influential IT experts, but we are also an appealing target for gossip.

Our main goal is to provide NordVPN users with the best VPN service possible — we have been successfully following it from the start. To put the record straight, NordVPN's co-founder Tom Okman had a thorough interview with TechRadar.

Earning your trust

VPN Trust Initiative

In December 2019, NordVPN became a founding member of the VPN Trust Initiative. Led by the i2Coalition, the organization aims to give VPNs a unified voice in U.S. internet policy, focusing on stronger consumer digital security.

Our promise

• We do not collect traffic logs and cannot be compelled to by anyone else.
• We never willingly provide user data, private keys, personal information, or access to a third party.
• We cannot be (and have never been) compelled to modify our systems to allow third party access.
• We confirm that we have full control over our infrastructure.

Our latest updates

Noticed anything suspicious?

If you detected anything unusual with our service, please email immediately.