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Also known as:

Category: Malware

Type: Backdoor trojan

Platform: Windows

Variants: Backdoor.NetWiredRC, NetWiredRC, NetWire

Damage potential: system performance issues, unauthorized access, data theft, installation of undesirable software, network connectivity problems, malware infection, file corruption and loss, stolen keystrokes, system performance issues, network connectivity problems, browser interference.


NetWiredRC.Gen is a backdoor trojan that allows cybercriminals to access your device remotely to either steal data or use your device in other attacks, such as DDOS. NetWired is a family of popular trojans often spread through phishing or illegal downloads.

Possible symptoms

While NetWiredRC.Gen can be difficult to detect due to its stealthy nature, this malware has to communicate with the attackers — so, you can recognize an infection by unusual spikes in traffic as well as URLs or IP addresses you don’t know.

Other NetWiredRC.Gen symptoms include:

  • Unauthorized apps. Your browser may keep being redirected to third-party websites to download unfamiliar apps or download them in the background. Pay attention to unfamiliar icons on your desktop or app names in the task manager you don’t recognize.
  • System performance issues. If your device is ever used in a remote attack, you will notice a significant drop in performance.
  • Unusual system behavior. Backdoor trojans often alter the system settings, especially when it comes to antivirus software.

Sources of the infection

NetWiredRC.Gen can be spread via email and social media direct messages. It is also often attached to pirated software and games. Backdoor trojans in general can be installed though another type of malware called “droppers” that is often spread as legitimate software updates.


NetWiredRC.Gen is a widely known strain of malware. That’s why keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do in keeping your system safe. Other ways to protect against NetWired malware include:

  • Be aware of any links or attachments sent to you via email or social media. Do not download attachments or click on anything if you don’t know where exactly it leads.
  • Always use official sources to download software updates as droppers — malware that downloads and installs backdoor trojans — can pretend to be a legitimate software update.
  • Use NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature, which comes free with the subscription. Threat Protection scans files for malware before they’re downloaded to your device. The full version of the feature is available on Windows and macOS computers and doesn’t even need a VPN connection.


Malware researchers have known about NetWiredRC.Gen malware for a long time and follow its mutations closely. Running a Windows Defender scan should suffice in removing this malware from your device. To make sure the trojan is removed, you can also scan your computer with a reputable anti-malware app.