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MetaMask definition

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you store Ether and ERC-20 tokens. Users can access this wallet through a mobile app or a browser extension. Additionally, users can use the wallet to interact with dapps –– or decentralized applications. In 2022, a cryptographer and security analyst uncovered some MetaMask security flaws, raising concerns and questions about the wallet.

MetaMask security issues to date

  • In 2022, MetaMask hired security researchers from Halborn to help them uncover vulnerabilities in their systems. The researchers discovered a significant security flaw in older versions of the cryptocurrency wallet. The exploit affected all browser versions of MetaMask to 10.11.3 and OS systems (but not the mobile version).
  • In 2021, cryptographer and security expert Alexandru Lupascu, the co-founder of the OMNIA protocol, found a critical security flaw in MetaMask. He uncovered that a malicious agent could create an NFT (non-fungible token), transfer free ownership of the digital art, and get a user’s IP address. However, MetaMask did not address the problem until 2022.

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