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NordVPN configuration files

Config files are set rules that determine how your VPN functions. By modifying configurations, you can make your VPN answer to your specific needs. Discover what type of config files NordVPN offers and how you can manually configure your VPN client.

NordVPN configuration files

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is a VPN configuration file?

Configuration file definition

A VPN configuration file, also named a config file, is a special file that includes all the settings necessary for a VPN client to connect to a VPN server. Among the information held in the VPN configuration file are VPN server addresses, protocols, port numbers, authentication data, and encryption settings.

Usually, VPN clients import config files directly into their VPN software without the need for users to manually set their VPN connection. However, those who want to adapt VPN service to their specific needs can change or modify default configuration settings. The configuration files typically come as extensions, for instance, in .conf and .cfg formats or .ovpn format if it’s an extension specifically created for OpenVPN protocol.

Whenever you decide to use another connection method for your VPN, you can choose from two different transport protocols – TCP or UDP. They determine the encryption of your connection to a VPN server and the ways your traffic is handled. TCP typically grants more reliable connections, whereas UDP can provide you with better speeds.

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Where can you find NordVPN config files?

NordVPN offers config files only for manually setting the OpenVPN protocol. It’s an open-source VPN protocol compatible with various operating systems. It can also be tailored to specific network needs and security policies. You can download OpenVPN configuration files for your operating system from our website. The list of available NordVPN config files is long, so you have plenty to choose from.

NordVPN also allows its users to download OpenVPN config files for servers recommended by NordVPN.

How do you manually configure NordVPN?

You may want to manually set up your NordVPN client to enjoy a higher customization level and adjust your VPN setup to your specific needs.

Most importantly, not all devices may support the latest NordVPN app version, with some app stores not allowing you to download the NordVPN app. Adjusting your NordVPN client’s configurations can help to solve this connectivity issue.

If you decide to configure your NordVPN client manually, you should visit our support center and follow the instructions for each operating system:

Manual setup instructions for Windows
Manual setup instructions for MacOS
Manual setup instructions for iPad and iPhone
Manual setup for Android
Manual setup for Linux

If you have any questions about configuring your NordVPN client, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team through online chat or email.

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How to change the NordVPN config file

The main reason for changing the NordVPN config file is to switch the VPN server you use when it no longer satisfies your needs. Whether you notice that the server is slower than you expected or if you need to use a different country’s IP address, switching VPN configuration files may help to solve the issue.

Other than that, VPN providers sometimes temporarily shut some servers down for maintenance. The possibility of changing your VPN config file gives you the flexibility to switch between servers and adapt your VPN settings exactly as you need them.

Depending on your system, you can change the already added NordVPN config files following the instructions provided in the previous paragraph. If your software allows, you can also add an additional VPN profile to your NordVPN setup and switch between two different configurations without replacing one for another each time you need to change them.

Can you set up the NordVPN using the WireGuard config file?

No – NordVPN currently doesn’t provide configuration files for WireGuard VPN protocol. However, there’s a chance they may be available in the future.

Whenever you start using the NordVPN app, its default settings connect to the NordLynx protocol – our proprietary VPN protocol based on WireGuard technology. It offers high connection speeds without compromising the security and privacy of your connection. NordLynx starts to run once you download the NordVPN app, determining a configuration for your connection.

Do you need to manually configure NordVPN?

Generally, you don’t need to configure NordVPN in any way because all the necessary configurations come with the VPN app. To set up NordVPN, you only need to download the app, and you can enjoy all VPN functionality right away. It’s an easier and safer way to set up your VPN client because manual configuration requires some technical knowledge.

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