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Service update: new servers added

Jul 20, 2018 · 1 min read

Service update: new servers added

Since June 18, a number of new locations have been added to the ever-growing NordVPN server network. Here’s a quick overview of what has changed in the server list over the past few weeks!

More VPN servers, more online freedom. We want you to enjoy a private and secure Internet experience wherever you go, so we continue adding new locations. As for now, NordVPN has 4727 servers in 62 countries.

New servers

Over the past two weeks, new servers were added in 13 countries. Check out the most recent additions to our server network:

  • Australia #192-227
  • Azerbaijan #5-8
  • Belgium #59-66
  • Canada #367-390
  • France #173-176
  • Italy #44-47
  • Japan #115-126
  • Netherlands #344-351
  • Portugal #15-18
  • Sweden #152-175
  • Switzerland #72-91
  • United Kingdom #673-688
  • United States #2392-2395, #2481-2516, #2525-2536, #2541-2552, #2561-2588, #2593-2604, #2609-2624, #2633-2636, #2662-2665, #2674-2677

Some servers are in the process of being replaced to ensure better speed and performance.

The server list in our native apps is updated automatically so you can enjoy new servers right away!

We’re curious – where do you want the next NordVPN servers to be?

Elle Friberg
Elle Friberg successVerified author

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