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How to use NordVPN Meshnet for online gaming

NordVPN is already a useful tool for gamers, but the release of our Meshnet feature has opened up new opportunities for gamers to enjoy some of their favorite games together with their friends. Let’s explore how Meshnet works and how you can use NordVPN Meshnet for gaming.

Dovilas Bukauskas

Dovilas Bukauskas

How to use NordVPN Meshnet for online gaming

How Meshnet works

To understand how it can improve your gaming experience, it helps to understand what Meshnet does and how it works. At its core, Meshnet allows NordVPN users to form encrypted remote networks and turn compatible private devices into VPN endpoints for themselves and their friends.

  • Meshnet can form encrypted networks between remote devices that those devices will treat like a local private network;
  • Meshnet can route traffic through compatible devices, much like VPN endpoints;

But how can any of this help gamers?

How to use Meshnet for gaming

There are a few key use cases we recommend for Meshnet that can help elevate your gaming with your friends:

1. Throw a remote LAN party with your friends

When Meshnet forms an encrypted private network, the devices on that network will treat each other much like they would if they were all on the same WiFi network. This can make it easier to host uninterrupted private LAN parties on video games that support this function.

2. Host a server for your friends

Meshnet allows users to have more than one of their own devices connected to the network. A more technically proficient user could connect their own server to the network and use it as a LAN hosting platform for their friends. Users can connect 10 of their own devices and link to up to 60 other devices in a Meshnet, so you could potentially form a large private community around your own server!

3. Share IP addresses

Compatible devices can be used by Meshnet as VPN endpoints, routing and decrypting users’ traffic when they connect to them. This allows you to use the same IP address that your friend uses, potentially granting access to servers or features that you could not have accessed otherwise.

Keep in mind that these are only the gaming functions enabled by Meshnet. We’ve written about lots of other ways that you can use NordVPN for gaming!

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Dovilas Bukauskas
Dovilas Bukauskas Dovilas Bukauskas
Dovilas loves to simplify complex technical cybersecurity topics for broader audiences by working closely with developers and admins at Nord Security. This helps him create applicable tips that we can all use to stay more secure every day.