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What are game mods? Are mods safe to install?

Game mods are additions of new elements or features to existing video games. However, while modding gives games new life, game studios are not the ones introducing them. Instead, enthusiasts add fresh ideas independently. Therefore, not all game fans create trusted mods. It is possible to compromise players’ devices if a mod turns out to deliver malware or viruses. So, let’s see how you can determine whether a mod is safe to download.

What are game mods? Are mods safe to install?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What are game mods?

Game mods are additional components or alterations made to original games. They can include new features, characters, levels, or gameplay mechanics.

However, these modifications can also be manipulated into becoming potent pathways for malware, deceiving users into unknowingly compromising the security of their devices.

Are game mods legal?

Generally, game mods are legal if they do not infringe on a product’s copyrights. However, they can be illegal depending on the game studio and country laws.

Studios can allow fan-generated content, while others treat it as an infringement of the legal rights of the copyright owner. Additionally, the issue of profiting from game mods is also tense. While enthusiasts can receive donations, they cannot get straight-up payments.

Lastly, some custom additions could set off anti-cheating system alarms.

How to know if you can trust a game mod

Thousands of genuine people create mods for PC games. Here are some tips for downloading safe mods.

1. Bogus software distribution sites

Respected modding communities have a broad selection of software. However, you should never venture into little-known websites offering unlicensed software. Many how-to videos promote such malicious downloads.

2. Scan software with trusted antivirus programs

User-generated content is never fully reliable, even if you download it from well-known sources. Therefore, protect your devices with antivirus software and run scans to see whether there are many issues.

3. Do not trust shady platforms

This recommendation applies during your entire online journey. Websites with a dozen download buttons and pop-ups might immediately trigger warnings. However, other fraudulent sites can be more subtle.

4. Do not mix modding and piracy

Game mods elevate gaming experiences, and successful products can attract more game buyers. Therefore, they should encourage the use of official software. If a mod offers a paid game included for free, it is not a legitimate download.

5. Protect online gaming

All players should recognize the potential dangers when playing online. So, take the necessary precautions, such as using two-factor authentication for your gaming accounts.

Also, install a VPN to encrypt traffic, which fights off unnecessary tracking and protects each data exchange online. Online gamers can also use it to reduce ping if their Internet Service Providers throttle connections.

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