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Unblock YouTube with a VPN

Access YouTube securely and privately from anywhere in the world on all your devices.

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Man using NordVPN on his phone to access YouTube.

How to safely access YouTube with a VPN

It only takes 3 simple steps to experience internet freedom.


Get NordVPN

Pick a subscription that’s perfect for your needs.



Get a dedicated NordVPN app for your device.



Log in and connect to a VPN server.

30-day money-back guarantee

Why is YouTube blocked?

Countries with heavy internet censorship often block access to YouTube for a number of reasons. If you’re at university, even the network administrator at your dorm could block your access to the platform. Understanding why your access is restricted might help you unblock YouTube to keep watching your favorite videos securely.

Woman using NordVPN on her smartphone and laptop.

YouTube videos containing clips from movies and TV broadcasts or copyrighted music might be unavailable in some regions because the uploader doesn’t have broadcasting rights in that country.

How a VPN for YouTube works

By using a VPN to watch YouTube videos, you ensure that no third party is able to spy on your internet connection (even on public Wi-Fi). A good-quality VPN will allow you to watch YouTube even in regions with heavy internet restrictions. Simply connect to a server back home, get a new IP address, and it will be like you never left.

Lastly, a VPN is a great tool if your internet service provider is prone to traffic-based bandwidth throttling. If your provider decides to purposefully slow down video streaming services, connect to a VPN and enjoy buffering-free videos!

Girl watching videos on YouTube as she travels the world.

Stream YouTube videos in private

Thanks to 6400+ servers worldwide, you can unblock YouTube safely and quickly.

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