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Trademark use guidelines

These guidelines set up the rules and requirements for the use of Nord trademarks. You can use our trademarks only if:

  • you have our permission, or

  • your use is considered a Fair use*

* Fair use examples – using a trademark in a descriptive manner to describe a product or service, referencing a mark to identify the actual goods and services that the trademark holder identifies with the mark. Fair use of a mark may also occur within the context of comparative advertising. Fair use must be in accordance with honest practices in industrial or commercial matters. The list of fair use cases is not limited. In case of doubts about fair use of our trademark, please contact us by email

I. Prohibited uses without permission

Before you start using our brand name, you’ll need our permission to use our logos or trademarks.
Please note that we have the exclusive rights to our trademarks. Our trademarks are protected under the national or regional laws (the list of owned trademarks is presented below). Therefore, you need our consent to use the trademarks.
Without our permission, you are not allowed to use:

  • the sign that is identical or similar to Nord trademarks and is used in such a way that the part of the public might be confused about the origin of your goods or services or relate your goods or services with Nord brand,

  • you use Nord trademarks or similar marks in such a way that it takes unfair advantage of, or is detrimental to, the distinctive character or the reputation of the Nord trademarks.

More specifically, without having our written consent, you are not allowed to: a) affix the Nord trademarks or similar marks to the services and goods or to the packaging of the goods; b) offer the goods, put them on the market, or stock them for those purposes under the Nord sign, or offer or supply services thereunder; c) import or export the goods under the Nord sign; d) use the Nord sign as a trade or company name or part of a trade or company name; e) use the sign on business papers and in advertising; f) use the sign in misleading and unlawful comparative advertising. We do not allow third-party use of our logo or brand features on merchandise, to create paraphernalia or swag.

List of protected Nord trademarks:


Goods and services


VPN services


Utility, security and cryptography software; Authentication software


Encryption software; Data encryption services

nord logomark

Computer networks; VPN services; Computer network services; Software licensing; Telecommunications’,


Computer networks; VPN services; Computer network services; Software licensing; Telecommunications

I. Prohibited uses without permission

We receive a lot of requests from people who want to add Nord signs to their sites, blogs, posts, videos and similar. If you’re working with us on a project or initiative, please work with your Nord contact to coordinate third-party marketing permissions.

We need to make sure our brand name is used in the right way, therefore, if you want to use our mark but are having doubts if such use is legal, please always contact us. If you do want to use our brand name, please send the request with all the details of use to We will contact you shortly with our answer.

If you have received our consent to use the Nord brand name, you should follow these guidelines and the Brand book.

Use of word marks
  1. 1.

    Don’t lock up the Nord logo with your own logo. For example, such phrases as “Nord + Your logo makes your life easier” are disallowed.

  2. 2.

    The word marks should be used in such a way as shown in the table above.

  3. 3.

    You should never use our logo in a phrase or sentence, without a clear indication that you are referring to our trademark. For example, such uses as “You should put nord in the background” should be prevented.

Use of the figurative mark
  1. 1.

    Don’t change the Nord trademark colors.

  2. 2.

    Don’t modify the logo in any way, such as adding visual effects, angling, or rotating.

  3. 3.

    Don’t mimic any Nord branding in not Nord services or any other goods. For example, you cannot use Nord trademark for unrelated goods, simply to increase visibility on the search engines or e-commerce platforms, or take other unfair advantages of the marks.

If you are using our trademark(s), we ask that you put one of the following taglines at the bottom of the page or created work, etc.:

©2022* Nord Security. All Rights Reserved. Nord logos are registered trademarks of Nord Security.

©2022* Nord Security. All Rights Reserved. [Insert Trademark] is a trademark of Nord Security.

* – You should indicate the year of the first publication for the compilation or derivative work.

If you’ve found a website that uses Nord trademarks inappropriately we’d like to hear about it Report inappropriate use of Nord trademarks.