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The best VPN for League of Legends

No restrictions. Worldwide access. Lightning speeds.

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Easy setup via your PC, Mac, or router

Download the NordVPN app directly to your PC or Mac and enjoy a safe encrypted connection while you play.
Don’t want to spend time setting up a VPN on all your devices? Install it on your Wi-Fi router, and all connected devices in your home will be protected 24/7.

League of Legends VPN lets you to connect to server with other players and play without lag

Play League of Legends safely

Have a safe connection

Connect to a VPN before you start your game and enjoy an encrypted connection. Play at home or while you travel – with a VPN, your connections will always be secure and hidden from prying eyes.

Protect yourself from DDoS attacks

In the world of League of Legends, DDoS attacks are unfortunately quite common. Luckily, there’s an easy way to avoid them – use NordVPN to hide your IP address. This way, no one will be able to DDoS you and slow your game down.

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Unblock League of Legends through VPN and play worldwide

Play at lightning speeds

Reduced ping times

NordVPN’s connections are the fastest on the market – you’ll never have to choose between speed and safety. Don’t worry about sudden lag, just connect and enjoy smooth gaming.

Go undetected and stay connected

With 5200+ servers across 60 countries to choose from, you can find one close to you and get the fastest connection speeds possible. Play securely and privately on up to 6 devices – you can even share your account with family members.

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Optimize your gaming with the best League of Legends VPN.

success30-day money-back guarantee