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NordVPN for League of Legends

No geo-blocks. Worldwide access. Lightning speeds.

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Easy setup via your PC, Mac, or router

Want to play League of Legends unblocked, from anywhere in the world? Use NordVPN to bypass geo-restrictions, reduce ping, and avoid DDoS attacks for the ultimate gaming experience.

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Unblock League of Legends and play anywhere

Access new features

Network policies and region-locking can restrict access to League of Legends. NordVPN bypasses the toughest geo-blocks, giving you access to all of the latest features no matter where you live.

Bypass geo-restrictions

Your IP address may prevent you from accessing League of Legends, as it indicates your location and applies any restrictions. As a result, you may have trouble trying to play League of Legends from a device in your university or office.

NordVPN removes restrictions by hiding your IP address and spoofing your location.

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Play at lightning speed

Reduced ping times

Shorter connection routes between you and the gaming servers can reduce lag and in-game delay. Connect to a NordVPN server closest to the game’s own servers and never lose to in-game delay again.

With 5,000+ servers across 59 countries to choose from, you can switch between servers to get the fastest connection speeds possible.

Go undetected and stay connected

Hundreds of gaming-optimized servers and double VPN maintain your security while giving you the fastest speeds possible. With no record of activity or session data, you can play as anonymously as possible.

Play securely and privately on up to 6 devices. NordVPN encrypts your connection, securing public Wi-Fi, so whether you’re at the airport, on holiday, or in a cafe, you’re free and safe to play wherever.

Optimize your gaming with NordVPN risk-free

success30-day money-back guarantee