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Use the best VPN for Kodi

Access Kodi content without limits.

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Unblock Kodi through NordVPN

Why unblock Kodi with a VPN

Here’s how Kodi blocking works: your internet service provider (ISP) assigns an IP address to you, which is used to determine where you are and what geo-restrictions apply to you. In addition, some Kodi content might be blocked due to your country’s laws or your ISP’s policy.

No matter where you are, NordVPN lets you hide your IP and get any add-on you desire. When you connect to a VPN server located in a particular country, any website or service you visit will be shown an IP address native to that region. This means that country-specific geo-restrictions no longer apply and you’re free to enjoy previously blocked content.

Access Kodi Worldwide through NordVPN

Using Kodi with a VPN is safer

Since Kodi’s content library ranges from TV shows to P2P files, accessing it can put you at risk. Fortunately, NordVPN encrypts your connection and shields your online activities from your ISP, network administrator, and any malicious snoops. And since we follow a strict zero-logs policy, your business is strictly your business — we wouldn’t be able to tell even if pressured.

Best of all, your security and privacy don’t come at the cost of your connection speed. Thanks to our extensive server network and state-of-the-art infrastructure, you can safely enjoy content on Kodi without any additional buffering.

VPN for Kodi to bypass GEO blocking

How to use a VPN for Kodi

It takes only 3 simple steps to experience internet freedom.


Download NordVPN and get a subscription


Connect to a server in the chosen location


All set – Kodi is now unlocked!

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success30-day money-back guarantee

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With VPN, you can enjoy privacy and security whenever you go online.