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Use a VPN for Telegram access

With NordVPN, you can stay in touch no matter what.

30-day money-back guarantee
A man using NordVPN to safely access Telegram on his phone.

How to unblock Telegram with NordVPN

It only takes three easy steps to access Telegram securely:


Get a NordVPN subscription and download the app.


Connect to a VPN server.


All set — Telegram is now unblocked.

Get NordVPN
success30-day money-back guarantee
A mobile phone protected with NordVPN.

How does a VPN for Telegram work?

VPN stands for “virtual private network.” It’s a service that gives you safer and more private access to the internet.

A reliable VPN service encrypts your online connection, masks your IP address, and keeps your online traffic away from cybercriminals or third parties monitoring your network, such as your internet service provider or school network administrator. Using a VPN on your devices, you can boost your online security and access Telegram from anywhere.

Telegram blocked in countries with heavy internet censorship.

Why is Telegram blocked in some countries?

If you can’t access Telegram, your network administrator or internet service provider might be blocking the service.

Telegram’s security measures keep people’s communications away from prying eyes. Unfortunately, sometimes, it also includes the government. The app can be used by protesters to organize events and make plans or by citizens of authoritarian countries looking for privacy. So the government agencies in these countries try to block Telegram or particular channels on it. But if you use a reliable VPN, you can access Telegram safely.

Safely access Telegram with NordVPN

Enjoy privacy and security whenever you go online.

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