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NordVPN for PS5, PS4 and PS3

DDoS protection. No geo-blocks. Lightning speeds.

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VPN for PS

Easy setup PS4 & PS5 VPN via your Windows PC or router

Using NordVPN on your PS5, PS4, PS3 can get you earlier access to games at lower prices, protect you against DDoS attacks, and let you stream content from virtually anywhere.

DDoS protection

Full DDoS protection

You can easily set up NordVPN on your PS5, PS4, PS3 via your Windows PC or router. Once connected, you’re free to enjoy a seamless gaming experience without the risk of DDoS attacks.

It’s no secret that some gamers use DDoS attacks for competitive advantage to slow you down or shut you out of the game completely. If you become a target, multiple computers try to overwhelm your network by flooding your IP address with trash data.

Connecting to NordVPN’s secure servers can absorb a lot of the punishment from a DDoS attack. If it doesn’t stop, simply hop onto another one of our 5400+ servers.

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best gaming VPN

Get games earlier

Play new games the moment they’re released and stream new content by changing your virtual location.

Getting hold of that long-awaited game is often ruined by network policies and region-locking. NordVPN lets you access your favourite games early and purchase them at the cheapest price possible, no matter where you live.

When you connect to one of NordVPN’s 5400+ servers around the world, it hides your IP address, making any service or website think you’re connecting from where the VPN server is. This means that your country’s internet restrictions no longer apply, giving you early access to the best games at the lowest prices.

fastest VPN for PS

Play at lightning speed

Shorter connection routes between you and the gaming servers can reduce lag and in-game delay. Connect to a NordVPN server closest to the game’s own servers, and get an advantage over other players.

With 5400+ servers across 59 countries to choose from, NordVPN lets you switch between servers to get the fastest connection speeds possible.

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play anonymously

Go undetected and stay connected

Stay safe with double VPN for PS4, PS5 and hundreds of gaming-optimized servers to choose from. With no record of activity or session data, you can play as anonymously as possible.

What’s more, NordVPN encrypts your online traffic with powerful AES 256-bit encryption, giving you unparalleled protection against snooping ISPs and third-parties.

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