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Voice over wireless local area network

Voice over wireless local area network

(also VoWLAN)

Voice over wireless local area network definition

Voice over wireless local area network (VoWLAN) is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using Wi-Fi instead of a traditional phone line. With VoWLAN, you can talk on the phone as if you were on a regular phone line, but without needing a physical connection to a phone jack. Most smartphones support VoWLAN for calling over Wi-Fi networks.

See also: wireless local area network

How VoWLAN works

Voice over wireless local area network (VoWLAN) converts voice signals into digital data packets and transmits them over a Wi-Fi network instead of traditional phone lines.

  1. When you speak into a VoWLAN-enabled device (like a smartphone or VoIP phone), your voice is converted into digital data using a process called encoding.
  2. This digital voice data is sent over your Wi-Fi network, similar to sending emails or watching videos over Wi-Fi.
  3. Your Wi-Fi router directs this voice data to its destination, whether it’s another Wi-Fi device, a VoIP service, or even a regular phone line.
  4. At the receiving end, the digital voice data is put back together in the right order and turned back into sound so the person can hear you.
  5. The receiving device plays the sound so the person on the other end can hear your voice, just like in a regular phone call.

Benefits of VoWLAN

  • VoWLAN can help users save on phone bills.
  • Offers flexible communication without being tied to a phone line.
  • VoWLAN is great for making calls in areas with poor cellular coverage.
  • Easy integration with existing Wi-Fi networks.
  • VoWLANs often offer a great quality of service.

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